Support Commitment


Datorama will provide standard support during the applicable subscription term. Support is available on weekdays, excluding holidays, during local business hours.

For logging platform issues, please contact our support team via email: To
log account-specific questions with our Customer Success team, please use our included support
ticketing system, accessible within the platform under “Help and Support.”

Datorama will use commercially reasonable efforts to meet the following Response Times:

Severity Response Time Description
Critical Up to 1 business hour
  • Data corruption — platform data is unavailable or incorrect.
  • Platform availability — The platform is not accessible or there is a severe performance degradation, causing unreasonable wait times for resources or response as if the platform is hanging.
  • Platform crashes repeatedly.
High Up to 2 business hours
  • The platform is usable, but an essential component of it is malfunctioning and/or substantially impacts business operations.
  • A critical defect with acceptable workaround exists.
Medium Within 24 business hours
  • The defect does not seriously affect business operation, causing some minor interruptions. The platform is operative with some limitation on minor functions, or minor batch functions are inoperative.
Low Within 72 business hours
  • Minor mismatch of the specification or aesthetic aspect of the platform that does not impact the usability or effectiveness.

“Response Time” is the time it takes Datorama to acknowledge the occurrence of a problem with the platform and to provide an initial response.

Datorama must be able to reproduce errors in order to resolve them.  Customer agrees to cooperate and work closely with Datorama to reproduce errors, including conducting diagnostic or troubleshooting activities as reasonably requested and appropriate. Also, subject to Customer’s approval on a case by case basis, Users may be asked to provide remote access to their account and/or desktop system for troubleshooting purposes. Datorama will use commercially reasonable efforts to promptly resolve each case. Actual resolution time will depend on the nature of the case and the resolution. A resolution may consist of a fix, workaround or other solution in Datorama’s reasonable determination.

Standard support does not include any of the following:

  • Assistance with password resets. Users should click the “Forgot your password?” link on the login page or contact their system administrator
  • Assistance with username. Users should contact their system administrator
  • Assistance with lockouts due to incorrect login attempts. Users should contact their system administrator to unlock the account, or wait for the lockout period to expire
  • Assistance in developing User-specific customizations
  • Assistance with non-Datorama products, services or technologies, including implementation, administration or use of third-party enabling technologies such as databases, computer networks or communications systems
  • Assistance with AppExchange  applications, whether authored by Datorama, Customer or a third party; or
  • Assistance with installation or configuration of hardware, including computers, hard drives, networks or printers.

Datorama may change its standard support from time to time in its sole discretion.