09.19.2017 | Lana Moore

The Impact of AI on Modern ...

As part of an all-new industry report, MarTechExec cites Datorama…

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09.19.2017 | Lana Moore

The Impact of AI on Modern Marketing: Scoring AI’s Impact on Marketing Technology

As part of an all-new MarTechExec report, the publication spoke with Datorama CMO Leah Pope about AI's impact on modern marketing as it relates to collaboration.

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09.14.2017 | Heather Fletcher

CMOs May Move to AI as TV, Global Ad Spend Dips

In this Target Marketing story, Heather Fletcher quotes Datorama's CMO, Leah Pope, about how artificial intelligence is going to make marketers' lives easier.

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09.14.2017 | Michael J. McDermott

Tying Data All Together

In this piece detailing data virtualization, ANA's Michael J. McDermott…

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09.13.2017 | Marketing Directo

Artificial Intelligence Makes the Marketing Team ...

In this Spanish-language article, Datorama's Country Manager for Spain, Joan…

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09.01.2017 | CMO Tech Staff

Dashboard Challenges Attracting Vendors

In this CMO Tech News story, the team writes about…

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08.29.2017 | Kim Davis

CMO Q&A: Leah Pope, Datorama

In this Q&A with DMN's Editor-in-Chief, Kim Davis, Datorama CMO…

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