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Optimize your media budget allocations with the Media Planning Center.

Create, manage, and analyze media plans in one centralized place.

Allocate budget intelligently with an easy-to-use, shareable planning interface complete with automatic historic spend and performance insights.

Use AI to identify budget optimization opportunities.

Understand at a glance where you should be spending more — or less — to get more impact from every investment with Einstein Marketing Insights.

Run forecast analyses to make informed decisions.

Use advanced statistical methods to forecast performance and make decisions based on data, not intuition.

Automate your media analysis with the Media Transparency Center.

Reconcile your planned spend and your delivered spend.

 Automate your actual costs or revenue for in-flight pacing, discrepancy analysis, billing, and reporting.

Pace your media in-flight.

Use the out-of-the-box Media Pacing App to pace buys and explore by various time frames, view pacing by any metric, and customize for your needs whether you’re buying or delivering media.

Get AI-driven insights on your media.

With Einstein Marketing Insights built-in, you can uncover hidden insights and optimize even faster than before.



Six Steps Plan and Pace Your Media Buys for Maximum Impact

Learn how to create a complete analytics framework for strategic decision-making at every step of the media process.

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How to Plan and Pace Your Media Buys for Maximum Impact

See how Active International partnered with Datorama to drive growth and get more from every media investment.

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