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Solutions for Publishers and Ad Tech

Report across all clients. Optimize yield. Increase revenue.


Optimize revenue.
Understand your audiences.
Embed Datorama.

Your business is complex. You need to optimize the value of inventory across direct and programmatic channels while understanding your audiences across screens and devices– all while giving clients the right campaign performance information to measure results and drive next level investments. Datorama unifies all of your internal and external reporting so you can maximize revenue and client experience.
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Client Campaign Reporting and Optimization

Always on access for your clients and teams.
Automate your campaign reporting to give your teams and clients on demand access to their KPIs. Oversee campaign pacing while fine tuning your performance metrics across creatives, placements, geos, and audiences. Deliver it all with a customized look and feel of your choice using our white labeling solutions.
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Pacing and Verification Dashboard screenshot

Automated Pacing

Manage pacing in the moment.
Our turnkey pacing solution unifies your reserved inventory delivery and order management system data to deliver automated pacing, goal management, and revenue calculations in real-time.
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Yield Management and Optimization

Complete visibility into your inventory and performance.
Driving yield requires always-on visibility into your inventory usage and campaigns in flight. Datorama gives you full visibility into the status of every campaign and partner, so you can make sure you maximize fill rates. Furthermore, provide your inventory and delivery partners with access to monitor their own performance, increasing visibility and yield.
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Yield Management Dashboard screenshot

Automated Billing and Reconciliation

Streamline your operations.
With Datorama you can make the connection between all of your media platforms and your order management system seamless to reduce billing reconciliation and invoice time while minimizing errors and makegoods. Datorama supports all cost types to ensure accuracy.
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Inventory quality management

Identify opportunities and discrepancies.
Manage viewability data while mitigating brand risk and ad fraud with ease. With Datorama you can connect all of your data sources in one place, so you can identify and optimize away from non-viewable and risky inventory, while resolving reporting discrepancies. Leverage Genius AI insights and Action Center alerts to never miss a beat.
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Audience Extension and Insights

Understand the value of your audiences, wherever they engage.
Quantify the lifetime value and engagement of your audiences across all of your content and media. Learn your audience preferences across devices and content to expand reach. Track your audience monetization efforts across any platform. Datorama unifies all of your disparate audience data across your distribution and content channels, so you can optimize your acquisition and retention, while increasing revenue generation.
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Paid Media and Inventory Optimization

Discover new revenue opportunities.
Marry your paid media efforts with your site analytics to increase ad revenue and conversions. Discover which paid media sources drive the most traffic to your entities to increase your available inventory. Surface effective value of your paid media sources so that you can better focus your outbound marketing efforts. Create psychographic measurements to drive yield and also influence editorial content ideas.
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Marketing Performance Overview dashboard screenshot
Publisher Performance Dashboard screenshot

One view to manage sales activity

Connect your sales bookings and delivery.
Through one centralized view, access your booking data from your CRM/call center and connect it to your delivery data. Conduct analysis to see where business opportunities arise while avoiding overselling.
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OEM Solutions for Ad Tech Platforms

Scale your business with our best-in-class reporting.
Your clients need always-on access to reporting and insights across your solution offerings. That’s why leading AdTech platforms embed Datorama’s reporting technology into their offerings. With our automated and flexible Integration and Insight Engines on your side, you can power the standard and custom reporting solutions your clients and partners need to grow their business with you.
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"Datorama empowers us to scale our offering across strategic partners while allowing our clients to incorporate our verification data into key components of their campaign reporting and optimization. Together with Datorama, we’re pushing the industry towards a universal baseline of transparency to benefit the entire ecosystem."

Dave Marquard

VP, Product Management, Integral Ad Science

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