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Media Performance & Programmatic

Automated reporting, turnkey pacing and AI insights– all in one place.


Step into the future of your agency with Datorama.

Media Performance Optimization provides a sophisticated baseline of reporting, pacing and insight generation across your client base– and all of their data. Whether coming from search, social, display or programmatic advertising, your data will be unified at every level to make your vision of reporting, pacing, dashboards and insights a reality.
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Campaign & Channel Optimization

Pace, optimize and report on every client campaign perfectly.
Equip your team and clients with always-on access to the right KPIs, pacing goals, insights and interactive drilldowns to always know the status of your campaign and channel performances– and your next steps. Datorama helps you manage your budget, drive engagement and measure conversion, so the success of your campaigns is always front and center.
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Campaign & Channel Optimization  Dashboard

Creative & Audience Optimization

Match your top audiences with your best creative and content.
Drill down to the next levels of your campaign performances– across creative, audiences, placements, sites and more– so you can nimbly double-down on your most engaging messages and targets and course-correct those that aren’t delivering. That’s a recipe for campaigns that are both more efficient for your client and more relevant for their audiences.
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Case Study: Pernod Ricard Gains Global Marketing View and In-House Programmatic Control

Pernod Ricard is one of the dominant forces of the spirits and wine market. They employ a unique policy of decentralization, with 85 direct affiliates worldwide– allowing them to always operate closely to their consumers. This commitment to localization made it clear that Pernod Ricard needed to find a solution to centralize all their data, KPIs and insights globally. Following a proof of concept, the Pernod Ricard team was not only sold on the Datorama platform, but ready to roll it out globally.

Read this case study to learn how Datorama gave Pernod Ricard complete ownership of their data.

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pernod ricard

Unified Ad Verification

Eliminate ad fraud and brand risk while increasing viewability.
Billions of dollars are at stake and we know that keeping a clean media supply chain is top of mind these days. Your clients want access to viewable, fraud-free, and brand safe impressions no matter where or how you buy their media. Datorama works with all verification vendors to give you one holistic view of your data, discrepancy free reporting and the ability to transact on viewability.
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Campaign Pacing

Turnkey pacing to land every campaign flight perfectly.
Accurate, up to date pacing is the key to ensuring every campaign flight’s budget and delivery goals are met every time. Datorama’s Media Cost Center solution integrates your planned vs. actual data at all levels of granularity, so you have visibility into any under or over pacing issues at a glance. Better yet, our advanced goals and alerts elevate your control with predictions, recommendations and real-time notifications.
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Offline Media Optimization

Bridge the gap of online and offline.
Customers engage with your clients across every channel– from programmatic and social, to linear, streaming and OOT TV, print, OOH, and radio. In Datorama you can report on your offline reach, frequencies, and GRPs while connecting offline synergies with search, social, web traffic and sales.
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Social Listening Insights

See what’s resonating and gain creative insight.
Helping your clients understand their audiences brand perceptions, motivations and topics of interest adds valuable context to your campaigns. With Datorama you can inform creative strategy and add context to media performances with social insights that reveal sentiment, themes, and competitive insights in line with your KPIs.
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"Without that centralized view, we knew we were leaving opportunity on the table… It was time to upgrade."

David Scheepers

Digital Data & Media Manager, Pernod Ricard

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