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Solutions for Agencies

Scale your expertise with efficiency across clients.


Optimize, pace, and report
across every client


Your clients comes to you for your expertise.  But if your reporting, pacing, and insights are ad hoc and manual– client accessibility, insight generation, and business growth will be a constant challenge.  Datorama is the industry standard for agencies.  Built to streamline workflows from your data integration to decision making, it’s the key to happy clients, deeper relationships, and growth of your client base.
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Media Performance Optimization

Pacing, optimization, and automated reporting across clients.
Your client campaign budgets, performances, and outcomes are scattered across a myriad of channels and partner technologies– each with their own reports that don’t add up. With Datorama you can automate 80% or more of your data wrangling, while codifying your expertise into a centralized set of KPIs, dashboards, pacing goals, and reports– so you can replace manual processes with automation across clients, and gain the time and tools to deliver smarter insights.
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Business Impact Optimization

Advanced analytics to answer your clients’ deepest questions.
Marketing never rests. As one question is answered, new ones are created. How do we tie our performance to sales impact? To customer loyalty? How do we predict our performance? These questions are opportunities. With Datorama, you can extend your analytics across the customer journey and into deeper granularities, to deliver the custom solutions your most advanced clients are seeking.
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Case Study: Neo@Ogilvy Leverages Marketing Intelligence to Automate Client Reporting Across Campaigns

Neo@Ogilvy’s mission is to help their clients leverage the latest digital and performance media techniques to connect with their customers and grow their businesses. With teams consisting of more than 1200 employees across 40 worldwide offices, they apply a data-driven strategic approach using insights and analytics across all digital disciplines.

Neo@Ogilvy knew they needed to move away from a manual and fragmented reporting process, to an automated solution – and chose Datorama. Download this case study to understand their challenges and solutions.

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Whitepaper: 5 Ways to Transform Your Agency Analytics

Marketers have a new set of questions to answer, with greater urgency.
In Gartner’s CMO Spend Survey 2016-2017, marketing budgets climbed to 12% of company revenue. With that rise has come greater accountability and deeper data-driven questions.

For agencies, this represents an opportunity to scale your unique expertise across additional clients and more deeply across your existing ones. Do you know the best ways to achieve this, using marketing intelligence technology?

Download this whitepaper to learn about 5 ways that you can drive growth for your agency and your clients.
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"Traditionally, our other partner platforms have lagged under heavy use. On any given week, we have thousands of conversions from thousands of pieces of creative we’re running. This heavy load doesn’t seem to faze Datorama in the slightest."

Michael Bruckstein

Media Director, Neo@Ogilvy

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