Marketing & Sales Optimization

Optimize performance to increase pipeline, sales and revenue.


Tie your marketing performance
to business impact.

Marketing & Sales Optimization integrates your marketing, sales and CRM data so you can report and optimize across your awareness, consideration and purchase efforts. MSO provides on-demand access to all your KPIs, trends and insights across the customer journey, giving you one centralized place to manage marketing’s impact on the business.
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Cross-channel demand generation optimization

Bring your awareness, consideration, and conversation into focus.
From search and social to display, email and TV, modern marketing is inherently cross-channel. But is your reporting and optimization? For most marketers the deluge of tools and reports simply add up to cross channel confusion. With Datorama, your teams can get a clear panoramic view of all campaigns and channels in one place – complete with KPIs, insights and alters so it’s easy to know which campaigns to double down on, which ones to pause and know how each one of your channels interact.
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Event marketing optimization

Understand the ROI of every event investment
Your events represents face to face opportunities to engage with prospects in the moment. But how do you which ones provide the best ROI? To start, Datorama centralizes all of your investments, leads and cost per leads in one place. Next, it provides insight into how those leads mature into opportunities to give you a true cost of opportunity. Then, move into understanding which pre-event and post-event actions best drive awareness, consideration and conversion, so you can take power your event ROI with actionable data driven insight.
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PR & Buzz Optimization

Understand the full ROI of every event.
Your prospect’s interaction with your brand doesn’t stop with your digital marketing and media– within the market, you’re making news, delivering thought leadership and engaging directly with your audiences to win the battle ideas for your category and space. With Datorama, you can integrate your owned and earned marketing strategies and results in context of your greater marketing programs– so you can understand how your PR drives search and traffic, how social buzz impacts your conversions and downloads and how both impact your leads and pipeline.
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Web & social optimization

Centralize your social engagement and web impact.
Your sites, SEO strategy and social pages form a critical set of connection points for customers to find you, interact, purchase, and share their voice. With Datorama you don’t have to look at your organic marketing as a silo, separate from your advertising. With Datorama, you can connect all of your marketing holistically– so you can see how your paid and organic programs interact, boost your best content, optimize for quality traffic and tie your dwell times and buzz to the business.
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"The number one value of Datorama has been being able to run our business more efficiently. We can put our talent to use on higher value things that benefit our customers — and that’s resulted in a 30-40 percent increase in our margins"

Steven Rosenblatt

President, Foursquare

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