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Solutions for Brands

Optimize your performance, impact, and customer loyalty to drive growth.


Optimize every stage of the customer journey.
At scale.


Datorama’s solutions help you act in the moment to take advantage of every optimization opportunity, while providing an interactive reporting experience that keeps your teams and partners aligned on their goals. Marketing analytics is a journey. With Datorama, you can take the straight path to smarter decisions across all your marketing efforts.
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Marketing Performance Optimization

Understand what’s working, what’s not, and where to invest.
Modern marketing is complex. You have to make sense of a myriad of tools, technologies, and reports to understand what’s working, what’s not, and where to invest. Datorama MPO removes the guesswork by bringing all your paid, owned, and earned marketing together in one centralized view. The result is complete visibility into your marketing performance across your digital and offline advertising, social media, content marketing, email, web analytics, and any other part of your mix.
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Screenshot of Datorama MPO Dashboard
Screenshot of Marketing & Sales Lead Performance Dashboard

Marketing & Sales Optimization

Connect your marketing performance to business impact.
As marketing continues to become the engine of growth for the business, it’s gaining accountability to prove ROI– and grow the customer base. Marketing & Sales Optimization connects your sales, revenue, and CRM data to your marketing activities so you can optimize for new customer acquisition, demand generation, pipeline velocity, and upselling/cross-selling to your base.
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Case Study: Datorama Enables IBM to Optimize its Performance at Scale

An industry giant, IBM is a Fortune 100 company with vast amounts of data scaled across a diverse marketing and analytics organization. IBM decided to implement Datorama in order to centralize all of its disparate data sources and provide actionable insights for their global marketing team.

Read this case study to learn about IBM’s results.

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Brand Health Optimization

Create a brand that customers love.
Getting an accurate assessment of your brand health means unifying a diverse group of signals from your surveys, organic search, social listening, and user applications. With Datorama you can understand how your mission, message, and value is resonating with your audiences– while being able to tie your findings back to your marketing, sales, and service.
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Customer Loyalty Optimization

Optimize your 1:moment customer experiences.
Driving loyalty and advocacy means tailoring your marketing to the moment of your customer. That requires getting the right message to the right customer in the right place and time. With Datorama you can connect all your marketing, sales, customer service and survey data together across your customer base– enabling smarter decisions and activations that drive higher lifetime customer values and net promoter scores.
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Screenshot of Datorama Journey Analytics Dashboard

Whitepaper: Optimize Your Marketing Performance

Marketers have a new set of questions to answer, with greater urgency.
Do you feel like marketers are facing increasing pressure and responsibility? Well, that’s exactly what’s happening. In Gartner’s latest CMO Spend Survey, marketing budgets climbed to 12% of company revenue. With that rise has come greater accountability, more technology, more lines of business reporting to marketing, and more data.
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"We had seen first hand how challenging data integration is for marketing — Datorama’s technology is a smarter approach to connecting and unifying data. This combination is key to our success."

Ari Sheinkin

VP of Marketing Analytics, IBM

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