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Intelligence for Marketing

One centralized platform for all your marketing data and decision making.


Every marketing performance, outcome and investment.
In one place.

Marketers need to be able to act on the right insights– in the right moment. Datorama has AI-powered technology that makes it easy to connect and unify all your marketing data in one place. User-friendly KPIs and a data visualization layer allow marketers to easily create and share impactful dashboards across their teams. Real-time insights turn opportunities into optimizations. When marketing can see insights and take action across all their data, it becomes activated as an engine of growth for the business.
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Connect and unify all of your data

Connect the entire ecosystem of your marketing data– regardless of where it lives, what format it’s in, or how much it changes. Get started with the industry’s most extensive library of marketing API connectors. Take the next step into limitless AI-powered data integration with Datorama TotalConnect. Then, organize your data dynamically into the right KPIs, metrics and classifications with built-in data model intelligence.
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Never miss an insight

Automate performance monitoring with beautiful marketing dashboards that are easy to access and share. Activate AI-powered insights with Einstein Marketing Insights to know what you don’t know. Launch one-click dashboards of the most crucial marketing KPIs with SmartLenses. Then, anticipate what’s next with forecasting and predictive analytics.
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Make optimization actionable

Turn insights into action with cross-platform automations to pause campaigns and share data. Add goals and alerts to stay in the know when outcomes are achieved or are at risk. Communicate across teams with Slack integrated natively in the platform. Activation helps you capitalize on every opportunity by connecting systems, teams and partners in the moment.
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Scale intelligence with ready-to-install solutions

Enable your entire marketing organization in minutes with pre-built apps for all your major marketing channels and challenges. With the Datorama Marketplace, you can discover, install, and share solutions that leverage the entire power of Datorama in one dedicated package.

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"We had seen first hand how challenging data integration is for marketing — Datorama’s technology is a smarter approach to connecting and unifying data. This combination is key to our success."

Ari Sheinkin

VP of Marketing Analytics, IBM