This is how we drive marketing insights
for leading companies across industries & verticals.


All of your data.

Whether it’s a handful of data sources or hundreds,
easily connect all your data to create a single source of truth.

Full analytics maturity curve.

Drive better decision making with dashboards and reporting that cover everything from standard KPIs to advanced predictive analytics.

Real-time visibility.

Replace the paralysis of data silos and outdated reports
with continuously updated KPIs, analytics and insights.

Scale your collaboration.

Get all of your stakeholders on the same page, from
non-technical marketers and analysts to data scientists and the C-suite.

Datorama for Marketers

Unify all of your marketing.

Connect all of your online and offline data into a single, actionable view to maximize awareness, engagement, conversion and loyalty.

Optimize every campaign and channel.

See how your investments impact every marketing channel and campaign to take the guesswork out of where to optimize next.

Monitor your brand health.

Monitor your customer satisfaction, brand sentiment, customer service and competition to ensure the optimal health of your brand.

Connect sales and marketing.

Connect the dots between marketing and sales to understand which strategies, channels, campaigns and partners drive the best ROI.

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Cross-Channel Marketing Optimization
Computer Image

Datorama for Marketing Leadership

Unified strategic view.

Track all of the KPIs and metrics that matter to your business across your marketing, sales, service, product and finance teams from one place.

Track goals and see around the bend.

Monitor your progress against marketing and sales targets with integrated goals, forecasting and alerts.

Drill into your business.

Unlock insights across your business with filters by product, geography, sales channel and more to see how different segments impact the business.

Experience unprecedented time-to-value.

Easily expand into new data, teams and geographies with a platform built for agile data integration, management and analytics.

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Datorama for Agencies

Pace every campaign perfectly.

Automate campaign pacing to deliver on target every time with Datorama’s turnkey Media Cost Center solution.

See across all of your clients.

Identify pacing issues with cross-client views that automatically roll up every campaign’s planned vs. actual data.

Automate client reporting.

Leave the spreadsheets and manual data wrangling behind for personalized client reporting with always-on access or scheduled delivery.

Self-service scalability.

Datorama’s self-service capabilities let the teams closest to the clients respond to new data integration, reporting and visualizations needs on the fly.

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Automated Campaign Pacing
Solutions Dashboard

Datorama for Publishers
and Platforms

Gain valuable audience insights.

Understand how audiences engage your content across every channel and device including web, mobile, social and TV.

Optimize audience acquisition and engagement.

Optimize your audience acquisition and engagement across your properties through smarter optimization of all paid, owned and earned marketing programs.

Optimize your yield management.

Optimize the value of your inventory with real-time analysis of bids and revenue across ad types, networks, and direct and programmatic business channels.

Capture your revenue at risk.

Monitor your revenue at risk in real time across your direct and indirect sales channels with automated planned vs. actualized revenue pacing.

Automate your campaign reporting.

Automate your cross-channel campaign reporting and optimization at scale for clients, campaign management teams, partners and leadership.

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