How Are You Making Marketing Decisions?

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Introducing DATORAMA Decision Lenses

A marketing analytics methodology for better data-driven decision making

ntroducing DATORAMA Decision Lenses
Do you have the right focus?
Single source of truth
Decision lenses help you see.

What are Decisions Lenses?

Data-driven marketing is a team sport

Having your stakeholders working towards a common goal is what moves your marketing forward. But, if your team is struggling with data blind spots and different views of what’s important, your decision making will lead to chaos and confusion. Decision Lenses address this problem.

A Research-based Approach

Based on a proven framework

Datorama’s Decision Lenses are the product of a research-based framework that helps you build a cohesive marketing analytics strategy across stakeholders. It connects the dots between your customer touch points and decision makers to provide each stakeholder with the right, focused lens for better decision making and collaboration.

How Decisions Lenses Set You Up for Success

A scalable framework for better data-driven decision making and collaboration

Better Decision Making and Collaboration

Provides a single version of the truth that connects all of your
stakeholders and data

Optimize Marketing and its Impact

Provides your stakeholders with the right metrics and views to optimize marketing

A Scalable Process and Partnership

Offers a repeatable process and reliable partnership to help you easily scale

How We Get There, Together

Decision Lenses connect your customer touch points,
KPIs and decision makers

Identify Your Customer Touch Points

Which channels are your potential and existing customers interacting with your brand?

Identify Your Key Metrics and KPIs

Which metrics and KPIs do we need to monitor and optimize?

Identify Your Key Stakeholders

Who needs to collaborate and make decisions about your customers, channels, metrics and KPIs?

Connect Them

Driving Better Decisions: Two Levels of Optimization

Decision Lenses takes a collaborative, step-by-step approach

Optimize Marketing Performance


“Marketing budget savings from effectively applied analytics” — McKinsey & Co.

Optimize Marketing’s Impact on the Business

Connect & Collaborate

Empower your key stakeholders in marketing, finance, sales and IT to make better strategic marketing decisions

Datorama Drives Results

We’re helping companies around the world drive better data-driven results

$9.8M in Benefits

From better decision making across 80 stakeholders at a leading global telco.

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Go Daddy
“It was just so easy.”

The world’s largest domain registrar moves from ROI roadblocks to empowerment.

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264% Project ROI

For the world’s largest cosmetics and beauty brand.

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How Decision Lenses Accelerate Your Marketing Analytics

Decisions Lenses support your success in the near and long term

Scoping your marketing analytics solution, based on the Decision Lenses process

Implementation of your solution for each of your stakeholders

Long-term Enablement flexibility with included training, support and optional services

Datorama Decision Lenses Partnership Elements

Decision Lenses Methodology

Provides a clear process for crafting, testing and implementing your solution.

Datorama Marketing Integration Engine

Future-proof agility for data integration, data modeling, visualization and action.

Client Success Team

The team trains and supports you with your new solution.

Solution Services Team

The team works with you to implement your solution.

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