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Customer Stories

See how Datorama is helping some of the largest enterprises, agencies, and publishers around the world optimize campaigns, maximize budgets, and make better decisions faster.

What is it like having Datorama as a partner?

See why Datorama is the right strategic partner for you.

Hear from Trailblazers on what makes Datorama uniquely built to help you not just succeed, but innovate.

Maximize Data Management and Measurement Efficiency

Optimize Campaign Performance and Productivity

Track all marketing activities from one central dashboard

Drive efficiency and value across campaigns

Power always on marketing analytics and a global digital strategy to drive growth

Drive growth for clients with services founded in intelligent marketing and analytics

Increase client speed to insight and speed to value

Trust, Transparency, and Campaign Optimization Through Report Automation

Standardizes, centralizes and harmonizes global campaign reporting

Sees a 30% YOY increase in revenue

Optimizes performance at global scale

Gains global, unified view of all marketing KPIs

Transforms brand health data into insights

Optimizes all client campaigns with centralized marketing platform

Enables always-on reporting for clients

Unifies marketing channels, creating a single source for cross-departmental insights

Scales B2B client expertise globally

Simplifying omnichannel complexity

Driving better value for its customers

Moving from static reports to insight-driven strategy recommendations

Greater speed to insight with fewer development resources

Delivers marketing intelligence and high-impact results across clients

Establishes marketing media analytics and drives ROI for clients

Enterprise customer see overs $9.8m in benefits