Measuring the Impact of Social Media on Marketing

Why Should We All Be Measuring our Social Media Strategies? Going into 2017, most digital marketers would agree that it is difficult to overstate the impact of social media on marketing. That’s not to say that most of us have figured out a method to quantify that impact, or how to mine social engagements and […]

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Beyond Traditional Marketing: How Social Media Dashboards Impact Business

The Impact of State-of-the-art Social Media Dashboards on Business Few businesses in this day-and-age would question the premise that social media impact on business is substantial, from the point of a consumer’s initial research about a company or product right up the purchase, and even beyond. In the matter of visibility alone, an active social […]

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Rise Above the Details with the Holistic Marketing Concept

Remember those simple days? When marketing was the last department to get budgeted. When your biggest campaigns were logistical not statistical. When you had one database and one or two applications that helped you get things done. Nope, neither do we! Marketing is changing and if it wins, it is going to be BIG! TWEET […]

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