Five Unconventional Benefits Your Start Up Will Get From a Hackathon

After surviving Datorama’s first ever Hackathon — or “Hackorama” as it was affectionately called — Gur Dotan, a self-proclaimed engineer, MarTech guy and adrenaline junkie, has written this useful piece detailing the five unconventional benefits a start up can get from hosting its own hackathon event. A three-day affair, engineers from Datorama’s R&D department and our […]

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The DatoRoundup — July 15, 2016

In this second edition of our DatoRoundup blog, we’re featuring the best stories dealing with the AdTech, MarTech, and Data space. We share a piece from the brilliant Neil Patel on how to choose the best digital marketing analytics software, a post from Newscred on how good data can save bad marketing, Mark Abay from […]

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The DatoRoundup — July 8, 2016

Data, MarTech, AdTech, big data. Whatever the topic, we will pick up the best content online and feature it in our new, DatoRoundup blog. In this post we’re featuring excellent pieces from Kimberly A. Whitler writing on about how to create a marketing technology blueprint; Rachel Truair of Oracle pondering how data driven are […]

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