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Be Certain Interview: From Data to Decision | GumGum


Company: GumGum
Name: Hanna Mortazavi
Title: Senior Ad Operations Specialist

With great data comes great responsibility (and data preparation headaches, data aggregation issues, and long time to insight). In our increasingly digital world, this axiom has never been more relevant.

In fact, according to our 2021 Marketing Intelligence Report, 88% of marketers admit they’re spending days or weeks each month just on data preparation. This means their valuable, powerful time is spent on prep rather than data action. That’s time wasted that could be spent driving a business forward!

Fortunately, Datorama is here to help! In this Be Certain Interview we sat down with Hanna Mortazavi, a Senior Ad Operations Specialist at GumGum, an AI-driven ad publisher, to discuss how the platform helps her save time and turn data into action. This is all while managing over 30 clients at a fast-paced, cutting edge digital publisher! Read on to find out more.

First, thank you for joining us for this interview! Let’s start with some intros. Can you tell us your name, title, and your favorite data point?

My name is Hanna Mortazavi, and I’m a Senior Ad Operations Specialist at Gumgum – a contextual intelligence company that uses artificial intelligence to deliver the best ad experience possible. My favorite data point is: 86 Percent of Earth’s species are still unknown.

Let’s talk about the power of transformation. Prior to Datorama, how were you connecting and utilizing your marketing data?

Previously I had to utilize multiple platforms and aggregate the data and create visualizations in Excel. Very manual! And I would often present very basic visualizations.

Digital marketing presents a unique set of challenges. What tools in Datorama have helped you integrate all of your disparate data sources?

All of the foundational tools have been very helpful in joining multiple data sources together and retrieving insights instantly. I often receive emailed Excel reports with totally new metrics and data points that don’t currently live in an accessible system. Creating a LiteConnect makes integrating and exploring that new data very simple. I find the auto Smart Dashboard that LiteConnect generates incredibly valuable; I never have to create a Dashboard from scratch. Datorama’s data ingestion processes allow me to explore and harmonize all datasets regardless of shape, form, or familiarity.

Once your data is integrated, how do you get it to all fit together to turn into a clear picture of action?

Inside the Connect & Mix tab, the Data Mapping tool helps me join relevant data points together coming from two different sources. It helps to be able to see your disparate data sources mapped out while creating visual representations of their insights.

As a large digital media company, I imagine you work with a lot of clients. How do you keep all of your clients’ data organized and efficient?

I’m currently working with 30 different clients, so yes, there are a lot! And each are different and have separate priorities. But Datorama helps me track the basics such as impression and click discrepancies from the multiple trackers we have on each campaign. This cuts out a lot of time spent on manual data pulls. And then Datorama is there for the actual analysis piece utilized on larger, strategic accounts. The ease of making bespoke visualizations is invaluable. I can make a custom Dashboard, filtered for each specific client, with performance results and optimization insights in a click of a few buttons.

This series is all about the power of data. How does data help you optimize your business impact?

Beginning with organizing data is an amazing start. And although it is typically step one, it brings a set of challenges. But once we get there, the efficiency impact to the team and cross-functional partners can be significant. The time spent pulling manual reports (for 30 different clients) from multiple data sources would take hours, and now it’s simply minutes.

I have more time to be a true analyst and provide campaign performance insights to those clients. These insights are utilized to optimize our campaign in real-time. When I’m able to slice and dice all of my data every way I want, I can communicate browser level details or compare creative performance details, etc., in order to improve the client’s most important KPIs and continue to keep Gumgum’s performance benchmarks competitive. I can also customize results for the relevant stakeholders, ensuring they get the snapshot they need and the ability to drill down deeper as desired.

I love that I have so much data to work with and it’s compilable at multiple levels. I enjoy aggregating those insights and creating benchmarks to further promote Gumgum and identify our strong points, or which areas to improve.

The coronavirus pandemic upended the digital marketing space. How did Datorama help you find stability in uncertainty and help stabilize your business?

During the progression of the pandemic around Q1 – Q2 of 2020, it was incredibly important that we monitor our live campaigns closely in terms of impressions served and third party tracking. Beyond that, I stayed connected with our Datorama representatives to better understand how external data can affect our strategy. Our business – alongside most – was impacted due to the pandemic and it’s reporting from research centers, as well as the news. Datorama provided a dashboard that helped us track this information.

What impact has Datorama had on your collaboration and transparency with stakeholders across the company?

The increased collaboration I’ve been exposed to has been an amazing added benefit to working with this tool. I’m assisting and leading projects on teams including Gumgum’s Publisher Development team, Product, and the Programmatic team in which I don’t typically work with on a day to day basis in terms of onboarding and creating business solutions. I’ve also learned more about my own business. Additionally, any adhoc reporting I need to do on the fly, I can provide a consistently updated report via Datorama without having to provide manual updates using excel and its additional wait time.

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