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Introducing StackAdapt Connector for Datorama Marketplace

Boaz Ram

Today, we’re excited to announce that StackAdapt has developed the StackAdapt Connector, generally available now on the Datorama Marketplace. StackAdapt is a self-serve programmatic advertising platform, allowing ad buyers to plan, execute, and manage data-driven digital advertising campaigns across all devices, inventory and publisher partners. The StackAdapt Connector enables mutual customers to automatically ingest campaign data from StackAdapt and integrate it in Datorama alongside all other data for a holistic view of marketing performance.

To better understand the StackAdapt Connector and how marketers can gain value from it, we interviewed StackAdapt’s Senior Product Manager, Daniel Kang.

Why did you decide to build your app on the Datorama Marketplace?

StackAdapt continually looks for opportunities to expand our demand-side platform beyond our proprietary technology. As several StackAdapt clients use data aggregation or harmonization tools, having a connector to Datorama – a premier solution in the market – will enhance client workflows and enable them to make data-driven marketing decisions.

What challenges does your app solve?

Campaign data often originates from disparate data sources, depending on the complexity of the media mix. By consolidating this data in a central location it will allow our users to analyze campaign performance holistically within Datorama.

What solution does your app provide for marketers?

Marketers need to act on the right campaign insights, in the right moment and can only do so effectively when all of their marketing data is in one place. Campaign data from StackAdapt is automatically ingested into Datorama to provide the measurement foundation required to optimize every marketing investment.

Who is the ideal user for your app?

The StackAdapt connector to Datorama will provide accessible, accurate and actionable campaign insights for marketers at agencies or brands running multi-channel digital marketing campaigns. With these actionable insights surfaced across all data, marketers can confidently capitalize on every opportunity.

To learn more about StackAdapt’s Connector for Datorama, go to the Connectors section of Datorama Marketplace. If this link does not work for you, click on the Marketplace tab from your Datorama Instance.
Stack Adapt connector for Datorama

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