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Introducing Goldfish Ads | Advanced Insights app for Datorama Marketplace


Today, we’re excited to announce that Goldfish Ads has developed the Goldfish Ads | Advanced Insights app, generally available now on the Datorama Marketplace.

Without using PII, Goldfish Ads’ platform unlocks new activation strategies for first-party, third-party, and their proprietary cookie-less data sets. From emerging platforms like Digital Out Of Home to Google, Facebook, Snap, and others, Goldfish Ads makes it easier to take advantage of these powerful mediums with more clarity.

The Goldfish Ads | Advanced Insights app allows Datorama users to access advanced insights and additional views of overall campaign performance. To better understand the Goldfish Ads | Advanced Insights app and how marketers can gain value from it, we interviewed Jason Bamford, Head of Product at Goldfish Ads.

If you are an existing Datorama customer, click here to test out a demo of the app. If this link does not work for you, click on the Marketplace tab from your Datorama instance.

Why did you decide to build your app on the Datorama Marketplace?

Actionable insights should be available across more media channels. We believe that data is only as powerful as what you can learn from it. That’s why Goldfish Ads is excited to partner with Salesforce Datorama, the preeminent platform for marketers to centralize, analyze and act on their data and insights.

What challenges does your app solve?

Transparency matters. The Goldfish Ads | Advanced Insights app was built to help provide a clearer picture across a marketers’ various media tactics.

What solution does your app provide for marketers?

Simplification made easy. The Goldfish Ads | Advanced Insights app ingests data and provides back additional views of audiences, segmentation, and overall campaign performance. There are several use cases and insights marketers can take after that step including: Comparing media channel performance, auditing audience targeting and building lookalike models to optimize for future success.

Who is the ideal user for your app?

Anyone who wants more clarity on their reporting and analytics. Our goal is to shorten the feedback loop necessary for marketers to learn what is and isn’t working within their media, and act accordingly. It’s about time.

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