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Introducing eContext Keyword Classifier for Datorama Marketplace


Today, we’re excited to announce that eContext has developed the eContext Keyword Classifier app, generally available now on the Datorama Marketplace. The Datorama Marketplace is a one stop shop for marketing intelligence, allowing users to discover apps and test them with interactive demos in an easy-to-navigate marketplace.

eContext is the world’s largest semantic text classification engine. It takes unstructured text from any source and, in real time, structures, quantifies, and makes human-readable data at scale so that you can interpret the signals that matter to you. Whether it’s social media or content streams, keywords, reviews, or anything else you need to label for your machine learning and AI efforts. Data scientists, brands, and agencies use eContext’s text classification API to label data to prepare it for machine learning.

The eContext Keyword Classifier app allows Datorama users to take advantage of eContext’s rich, machine learning topic classification and knowledge hierarchy. To better understand the eContext Keyword Classifier app and how marketers can gain value from it, we interviewed Ante Katavic, Senior Software Engineer at eContext.

If you are an existing Datorama customer, click here to test out a demo of the app. If this link does not work for you, click on the Marketplace tab from your Datorama instance.

Why did you decide to build your app on the Datorama Marketplace?

One of eContext’s core values is to put solutions in places where users are already doing work and assembling data. eContext has had success working closely with technical customers to integrate it’s RESTful API into their pipelines. Now, with the eContext Keyword Classifier for Datorama, any user who can stream and store data in Datorama can take advantage of eContext’s rich, machine-learned topic classification and extensive knowledge hierarchy.

What challenges does your app solve?

eContext knows first-hand how unwieldy really large SEM programs can feel. eContext was developed as an internal technology for metasearch site, and used its engine to organize SEM campaigns with millions of keywords and over $150MM in spend. With programs even 1% as big as this, keeping track of all the live keywords is onerous. Tracking and organization from the ad platforms themselves is limited to quantitative metrics which, while essential, describes only the “what” of SEM marketing. eContext’s topic classification provides the “why”.

What solution does your app provide for marketers?

eContext automates many SEM optimization processes, organizing keywords into any of its 25 topic verticals, visualizing your SEM program through a topical lens. With this higher-order view, advertisers can spot trends and outliers that were hidden in the depth of their campaigns and refine performance. eContext turns a complex SEM program into a streamlined powerhouse and reveals hidden trends, roots out problematic keywords, and boosts performance.

Who is the ideal user for your app?

SEM advertisers with large programs — many campaigns, adgroups, and thousands or tens of thousands of keywords. Advertisers with a wide set of products, inventory or offerings will see even greater value. eContext has done successful work with big-box retail clients, and online vendors like Agencies managing the SEM programs of several brands and end-clients who need a technological advantage to enhance their operations.

What are your future plans for the app?

eContext is continuing to invest in the success of Datorama users. As upcoming free updates to the SEM Keyword Classification app, eContext will help marketers not only better understand the best-performing topics in their campaigns, but also push to them new, high-performing keywords that can capitalize on those opportunities. Through its data connections to search providers and consumers, eContext has over 1 billion real-user search queries in its database, organized into its topic hierarchy. eContext will also begin to offer deep competitive insights to help advertisers understand how their performance stacks up against close competitors bidding within the same topic areas.

eContext’s flexible NLP engines also support analysis of user-generated content, news, websites, and more. Keep an eye out for new eContext applications in Datorama supporting brands and agencies SEO optimizations, organic and paid social media campaigns, and RTB display advertising — thanks to the contextual intelligence of the eContext Taxonomy.
eContext Dashboard

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