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Introducing Datorama TotalConnect Enhancements: Maximize Time Spent Optimizing with Less Manual Data Management


How much time do you spend on data preparation and QA?

If it is more than you would like, you are not alone. Gartner’s 2020 Marketing Data and Analytics survey found that 64% of analysts’ time is spent on data management, integration, and formatting. If an average person works an 8 hour workday and 64% of that time is spent on data management, that’s about 5 hours. In the same 5 hours you could:

  • Watch 6 episodes of Tiger King (that’s 75% of the series if you count the reunion)
  • Drive from New York City to Boston (traffic permitting)
  • Completely revolutionize your marketing campaign

Gartner 2020

That last one is the most exciting. Reallocating your time spent on data management and integration allows you to revamp your marketing campaign with agility and efficiency. You can maximize your KPIs and take your business to its next level impact. But, you have to first find a way to spend less time on data integration, management, and setting up for automation, so that you have more time for data action.

That’s where Datorama’s enhanced TotalConnect comes in. TotalConnect has always been Datorama’s best-in-class, automate-from-anywhere, data ingestion tool. With our latest enhancements, TotalConnect becomes even smarter – bringing you years of data expertise, AI-driven expertise right to your fingertips. This way you spend less time on preparation and more time on action.

Let’s see how TotalConnect helps you with all three steps of the data preparation journey:

Data Integration

Your marketing stack is composed of many datasets. Some data comes from data partners who have prebuilt APIs in Datorama’s robust API library – the largest marketing data API library in the industry. Other datasets require a bit more flexibility when it comes to integration.

Examples of datasets that aren’t available via an API might include…

  • A proprietary dataset available as an Excel, CSV, or other file format
  • A custom data report sent to you by a data partner that is beyond the scope of what their API can provide
  • A report from a data partner who hasn’t built out an API
  • A dataset that requires manipulation before it can conform to the data governance you enforce for your single source of marketing truth

Getting all of those datasets into one source of truth is crucial. Missing datasets means you do not have a complete view of your marketing performance. And, these datasets are not uncommon; nor should they prevent you from reaching full marketing stack harmonization.

That’s where TotalConnect comes in. With TotalConnect, you can integrate any dataset whether it’s a CSV, Excel, sent via email, sits in an FTP, housed in your company’s data warehouse, etc. You name it, TotalConnect can integrate it.

Data Manipulation

But, that data ingestion has always been the core capability of TotalConnect. Our enhancements bring added data manipulation expertise.

At Datorama, we have seen a lot of marketing data. We know which datasets should go into which Data Models for optimal reporting outputs. We have seen data modeling gone awry and lead to unexpected outcomes. We know that transparency and real-time results are critical when it comes to agility and efficiency.

So, we took all of those lessons and integrated them directly into the AI that powers TotalConnect’s enhancements. These enhancements marry data integrity and governance with integration. It’s like having your own data modeling wizard. With the enhancements you can…

  • Validate data modeling structures with suggestions and alerts
  • Test manipulations on raw data before ingesting data
  • Validate formula outputs on data in real-time, pre-ingestion

Spend less time and make less errors on data manipulation with our enhanced TotalConnect. You can also validate your data manipulation in our Sandbox by Datorama before deploying to production. This way you can agilely test and validate any data updates without sharing with your end users. You can read more about Sandbox for Datorama in our blog here.

Data Automation

Finally, after you breeze through the ingestion and manipulation, TotalConnect makes automation simple. This means you can set up a data source once and not revisit it again.

Data can be automated in the fashion that fits your data set. You can…

  • Email a report (in various file format)
  • Pick up a report from an S/FTP
  • Query data directly from a database
  • Use Python to retrieve a report

Whatever retrieval method suits your needs, TotalConnect can accommodate.

This all adds up to time saved and increased data integrity. You now have a data governance and preparation partner directly in Datorama with our enhanced TotalConnect (and master it with our Sandbox by Datorama). You will be more empowered to independently get the data you need into your single source of marketing truth.

Want to request a demo? Reach out here.

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