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Introducing CHEQ for PPC App for Datorama Marketplace

Boaz Ram

The power of the Datorama Marketplace continues to expand with specialized marketing intelligence solutions, developed with partners who are zeroing in on solutions for key challenges that marketers face today. Today, we’re excited to announce that CHEQ has developed the CHEQ for PPC app, generally available now on the Datorama Marketplace.

CHEQ is a military-grade cyber-security company with expertise in bot mitigation and user authentication. Before CHEQ arrived on the ad-verification scene, the industry was completely reliant on after-the-fact monitoring. Vendors running simplistic IP-blacklists and only examining a small sample of the traffic, did little to mitigate the exponential growth of ad-fraud. CHEQ introduced the first cyber-driven solution running in absolute real-time, examining every single impression and acting preemptively to stop fraudulent traffic.

The CHEQ for PPC app enables marketers to detect and measure invalid clicks on pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns across all major paid search and paid social platforms.

To better understand the CHEQ for PPC app and how marketers can gain value from it, we interviewed Eran Shavit, product manager at CHEQ.

If you are an existing Datorama customer, click here to test out a demo of the app.

Why did you decide to build your app on the Datorama Marketplace?

As marketers strive to optimize every investment they’re often missing something– their invalid ad clicks (non-human, fraudulent clicks). The CHEQ for PPC app allows them to add invalid clicks monitoring to their Datorama instance, optimize their campaigns to reduce invalid clicks and improve their campaign performance dramatically.

What challenges does your app solve?

One of the modern marketer’s greatest challenges, is improving campaign performance. What better place to start than eliminating invalid ad clicks which today take up as much as 10% of all digital ad spend. With CHEQ for PPC, marketers can finally shed a light on those odd leads that never seem to convert, remove them from their funnels and use the saved money to generate real, authentic leads.

What solution does your app provide for marketers?

CHEQ for PPC let’s marketers detect and measure invalid clicks on PPC campaigns across all major paid search and paid social platforms. The solution provides in-depth analytics that allow the marketer to understand where the invalid traffic is coming from, so that they may optimize their campaigns and avoid the bad clicks.

Who is the ideal user for your app?

Any marketer that runs PPC campaigns across paid search or paid social at scale.

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