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Be Certain Interview Series: Data Integrity Lead | Gaby de Frutos


Welcome to our next installment of our Be Certain Interview Series, where we interview various leaders in the marketing industry about how Datorama is helping them gain certainty in their roles.

For this interview, we sat down with Gaby de Frutos, the Data Integrity Lead for IBM’s Performance Marketing Team.

As one of the world’s largest and most innovative companies, IBM knows the importance of data and data accuracy. Their ability to harness data is what has set them apart from the competition and has made them a titan in the Big Data industry. And that harnessing requires strict data governance and structure in order to produce agility.

That’s why they trust Datorama with their marketing data. Together, Datorama and IBM allow a global team to maximize ROI and drive performance. Despite the vastness and complexities of the data, insights and actions are clear and available to the teams. Read on to hear how Gaby and her team created these solutions and found success in Datorama.

Name: Gaby de Frutos
Gaby de Frutos
Title: Data Integrity Lead
Company: IBM

Q: Tell us about yourself: tell us your name, your title, and one undeniable fact about you.
A: My name is Gaby de Frutos and I’m the Data Integrity Lead for IBM’s Performance Marketing team. When I’m not working, I’m an avid runner!

Q: Give us a breakdown of your responsibilities by month:
A:40% Investigating data quality trends
30% Implementing marketing data solutions in Datorama
20% Communicating our priorities to IBMers all around the world
10% Thinking strategically about our future goals

Q: I’m sure your job is tough. What do you find is the most difficult part about your job?
A: A challenge we face is ensuring data quality. IBM, as a massive technology company, has vast amounts of data across different sources and channels globally. Thousands of marketing practitioners rely on data from Datorama to make real-time decisions and maximize ROI to deliver results for their current and potential customers. We have an important responsibility to make sure any delays in the data pipeline, or any problems with accuracy, are resolved as quickly as possible so all IBMers have full confidence in their investment decisions.

Q: How does Datorama help you “Be Certain” in your job?
A: Datorama is our system of record for marketing data. It allows us to take the raw data from our marketing data sources and identify errors or discrepancies with ease. We can then correct those before sending data downstream to our reporting systems, ensuring we’re certain in our data accuracy. In addition, we have a great partnership with our Success team at Datorama. Whenever we have a question or want to talk through a problem, we always work to find creative solutions for any business challenge we face. We are then able to make better, faster decisions at scale and focus our attention on our priorities.

Q: What’s one solution you’ve come up with that you’re certain others will find cool?
A: We have a complex system of taxonomy with various data points in order to analyze reporting with precision. When we reviewed taxonomy data last year, we realized the taxonomy was not followed with the level of rigor we require, which resulted in inaccurate or incomplete reporting. To mitigate this, we set up a management system that checks taxonomy inputs using Calculated Dimensions in Datorama. If the established taxonomy is not followed, we send alerts to teams on a weekly basis through Datorama’s Activation Center. We’re then able to track how long the incorrect taxonomy persists in Datorama, the metrics impacted, and calculate taxonomy accuracy for each market and channel. What is most exciting about this is it realizes our goal of ‘radical transparency’ so this information is available both internally amongst IBMers, as well as externally with our agency partners, instead of keeping track of issues in silos.

Q: You are in charge of reporting on the money – that’s a big responsibility. How does Datorama help you be certain that cost is being spent and reported appropriately?
A: We have an established QA process that compares changes in our data on a weekly basis. If we see large increases or decreases, Datorama allows us to isolate what are truly issues and address them in a timely manner. In addition, we keep a close eye on pacing trends with visualizations to make real-time decisions and adjust our plans based on performance. We’re also able to identify and diagnose incomplete data, such as front-end delivery without corresponding spend data. This is especially important since media is executed out of many agency locations across multiple continents, but is aggregated up into one global report.

Q: IBM is one of the largest companies in tech. How does Datorama help you be certain you’re reporting correctly across such a massive organization?
A: Datorama provides a single platform that centralizes data from hundreds of markets and channels to have a standardized approach for our ETL process. The data model provides structure and a unified foundation for our data, so if activity runs outside of the established process, we can identify, tackle, and work with teams to fix.

Q: IBM is all about innovation and agility. How does Datorama help the IBM Performance Marketing team live those values?
A: We work in an incredibly fast-paced environment at IBM, and we have a singular focus on achieving our goals of simplification, sustainability, and data integrity as a team. Datorama, with its team of experts and platform features, enables us to think strategically about how we face our challenges. A prime example of this is a project we worked on together last quarter to clean up all Data Stream logic, consolidate Streams where necessary, and implement Patterns for our taxonomy. This collaboration has resulted in a Datorama set-up that is forward-looking and streamlined. And thanks to our strong partnership, we are continuously sharing feedback in order to improve the platform and leverage it in different ways. Datorama is always interested in hearing our point of view so we can continue driving our business priorities forward.

Want to share your story? Reach out to your Success team. And continue the conversation in our Datorama Community.

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