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Be Certain Interview Series: Analytics Manager | Stella Antonova


Welcome to our next installment of our Be Certain Interview Series, where we interview various leaders in the marketing industry about how Datorama is helping them gain certainty in their roles.

In this installment, we sat down with Stella Antonova, Insights & Analytics Manager for Amadeus – a B2B travel tech company based in Madrid.

In these uncertain times, marketers are looking for guidance. Teams are overwhelmed by a deluge of data, which continues to grow in volume seemingly every day! In order to make smart decisions for their businesses, marketers need to cut through the noise and find the valuable insights – quickly.
That’s why the Analytics Manager is more powerful now than ever. In 2018, eMarketer found that Data Science and Analysis were by far the top skills marketing agencies projected they will need the most in 2020. Analytics Managers, like Stella, turn data into action plans, guiding companies through tumultuous times and into growth.

The main tool in a marketing Analytics Manager’s arsenal is Datorama. Hear how Stella has utilized the platform to transform data into action and unite disparate, distributed teams into a single source of truth:

Name: Stella Antonova
Stella Antonova
Title: Insights & Analytics Manager
Company: Amadeus

Q: Tell us about yourself: tell us your name, your title, and one undeniable fact about you.
A: Hi, I’m Stella and I’m the Insights & Analytics Manager of Global Digital Marketing at Amadeus. I am passionate about revealing powerful, actionable insights from data with analytics engineering and visualization.

Q: Give us a breakdown of your responsibilities by month: (Feel free to use the below as an example)
A: 30% Data collection and integration – making sure that we are measuring things in the right way. I consider this our “raw material”
35% Analyzing and Visualizing – using different tools to transform these “raw materials” into something meaningful
10% Data Storytelling – communicating insights to our stakeholders. Making sure that they have the right insights to make decisions
15% Project and Team Management
5% Building a strategy and vision for the future development of the insights & analytics team – basically pestering my manager for more headcounts
5% Listening to my favorite podcast “The Digital Analytics Power Hour” and continuously learning new things
0% Regrets for choosing this career path

Q: I’m sure your job is challenging. What do you find is the most difficult part about your job?
A: The most challenging part of my job is aligning processes and dealing with data fragmentation. The amount of data sources in marketing is growing exponentially. We need to be certain we can connect the dots so we can have a 360 view of our audiences. At Amadeus we are using different platforms for our marketing data base, CRM, web analytics, paid/organic campaign, email marketing, webinars and events data. We are talking about over 7 different technologies! Having the right integration flows in place and a clear KPI framework is crucial. In terms of mitigating the fragmentation, Datorama is really helping us to integrate the different sources and transform the data thanks to the data models built for marketing.

Q: How does Datorama help you “Be Certain” in your job?
A: Datorama has become a great asset to our marketing, communication and sales teams. It allows us to connect all relevant data sources and build a set of End2End dashboards that help marketing teams see the impact of their digital campaigns on the sales pipeline. It also allows us to reveal powerful insights that otherwise would easily get lost in the ocean of data that the teams are dealing with and saves them up to 70% of the time they previously dedicated to extract and work the data manually. The next step for us would be to start using Einstein Marketing Insights or Activation Center to help automate those insights even further.

Q: What’s one solution you’ve come up with that you’re certain others will find cool?
A: There are so many! When it comes to data visualization: one of the things I found out recently was the ability to change the default colors of graphs in Datorama by adding a Custom CSS rule. I am a bit of a geek when it comes to colors! Several sites I like to use to browse color palettes (canva, mycolorspace) + ColorZilla (a browser add-on that allows you to sample colors) and of course for creating custom CSS gradients. These custom colors give the reporting a very customized feel. It also allows us to be aligned with the brand guidelines, making it easier for marketing teams to just export graphs and snippets and use them in their presentations.

Q: There’s a lot of data in marketing nowadays. How does Datorama help you Be Certain you’re only focusing on what’s meaningful and insightful?
A: Datorama allows us to create a unique source of truth for web analytics and marketing data and link that data to the sales funnel. What I found particularly great about Datorama is the ability to harmonize data through a unified data model. It saves time and it allows us to be agile. Teams spend less time on exporting and analyzing data in excel sheets and more time on converting leads into sales opportunities in record time.

Q: What’s one thing in the future you can Be Certain of?
A: The world is rapidly changing, and data is moving further from just a cool buzz word into becoming a central piece of many companies’ day-to-day optimizations and decision making. One thing that I am certain of is the need to bring that data mindset and know how closer to the marketing and sales teams. In order to transform all that data into something meaningful and actionable for business users, we need to understand the context of their roles, needs and goals. And we can only achieve it with skilled people and agile technology, like Datorama.

Want to share your story? Reach out to your Success team. And continue the conversation in our Datorama Community. To learn more about Amadeus’ marketing intelligence story, check out Stella’s recent presentation at I-COM’s Global Summit.

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