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Be Certain Interview Series: Campaign Manager | Leah Singer


Welcome to our next installment of our Be Certain Interview Series, where we interview various leaders in the marketing industry about how Datorama is helping them gain certainty in their roles.

For today’s interview, we sat down with Leah Singer, Associate Manager of Digital Marketing & eCommerce for iconic skin care brand Peter Thomas Roth. As a Campaign Manager for many of Peter Thomas Roth’s products, Leah is faced with handling a lot of media for a lot of products, all during a time of uncertainty.

Today, more than ever, the modern Campaign Manager, like Leah, needs to be organized and agile. Whether responding to a changing landscape, current events, ephemeral consumer preferences – a Campaign Manager has a lot on their plate. They must navigate multiple channels, optimize budgets, and make sure the right product reaches the right audience.

Read on below to learn about how Leah is using Datorama to navigate change with her eye on driving growth:

Name: Leah Singer
Leah Singer | Associate Manager Digital Marketing & eCommerce, Peter Thomas Roth
Title: Associate Manager Digital Marketing & eCommerce

Company: Peter Thomas Roth

Q: Tell us about yourself: tell us your name, your title, and one undeniable fact about you.
A: Hi! My name is Leah Singer, I am the Associate Manager of Digital Marketing and eCommerce at Peter Thomas Roth focusing on sales drivers, new customer acquisition and data analytics. One undeniable fact is that I love learning about new technologies in the marketing space. I am also a coffee addict! There’s nothing like a tall hot coffee with three Splenda to get me motivated and ready to take on the day!

Q: Give us a breakdown of your responsibilities by month:
A: Working in digital, you have to be nimble and quick to respond in an ever-evolving landscape. Every day brings new challenges and opportunities to improve. That said, a basic breakdown of my monthly responsibilities is as follows:

  • 30% Creating strategies and campaigns for our marketing and dotcom platforms
  • 20% Launching said strategies / campaigns on both our marketing and dotcom platforms
  • 15% Reporting on strategies / campaigns
  • 15% Figuring out new ways to connect with our customers and entice new ones to join our #PTRCult following
  • 10% Planning for the future
  • 10% Talking with innovators in the space about how they are optimizing their own marketing strategies
  • 0% Sleeping

Q: I’m sure your job is challenging. What do you find is the most difficult part about your job?
A: I work with a smaller team which has its pros and cons.We are able to be very quick to react to changes in the marketing space but sometimes it’s difficult to convey the intricacies and importances of our programs to upper management. It’s also challenging to gain the necessary tools to optimize campaigns and compare our own website performance with that of our retail partners.

Q: How does Datorama help you “Be Certain” in your job?
A: Datorama has given me the ability to show how different campaigns across both our retailers and dotcom presence impact performance on both an immediate and long run nature. This has given us the opportunity to quantify ROAS, react quickly to changes in channel performance, and change/promote campaigns if we see something performing better or worse than expected!

Q: What’s one solution you’ve come up with that you’re certain others will find cool?
A: In conjunction with the awesome people at Datorama, I was able to come up with a dashboard that shows every campaign running, its profitability, and impact on our other retailers. For example, how did a campaign that we are running on impact sales at or Is this something that we should run at these retailers as well? And is this a short-term impact or a long-term impact (e.g. did a customer acquisition campaign run three months ago increase customers today everywhere, or did it make people who would originally purchase at another retailer come to our D2C website?).

Q: You have to manage all things for a campaign – that’s a lot. How does Datorama help you Be Certain that all of your media is running smoothly and performing well?
A: When we run a campaign on dotcom, we always promote it across all of our different paid channels. Datorama gave us a way to quickly see how different channels reacted to the campaign and which ones did better. We are able to see the creatives across the different channels as well as sales and spend which has changed how we measure the success of a campaign. Datorama also lets us see the campaign in real time, so if we see that there is one channel that is trailing behind, we can make the quick decision to boost it or take that spend and divert it to a higher performing channel.

Q: Peter Thomas Roth handles a wide variety of skincare. How does Datorama help you Be Certain that the right skincare product is reaching the right audience?
A: There are certain products on that are not available at other retailers. These products are usually heritage products and because we have them we are able to promote them heavily through our own channels and make sure that they do not eclipse the value of the other retailers. Through harmonizing and visualizing our disparate data sources into Datorama, we learned that each retailer has a different sort of audience. Some are more interested in the heritage products, some are more driven by their loyalty points at Sephora, some are more enticed by the two-day standard shipping at Amazon. This allowed us to make our D2C website the source of product education and knowledge so that even if customers want to shop on other retailers, they go to the website first to learn what they want and then self select where they want to check out.

Q: Did Datorama change how you work with your other teams?
A: Datorama changed the way that we look at all of our channels and retailers. We stopped working in silos and started having a real-time data conversation about how we could all help one another. Obviously, we all want our own channel to be the best but we are starting to understand that the point is for us not to eclipse each other but to work harmoniously to accomplish an overall goal of growth and profitability. Additionally, as COVID 19 changed the workspace with all of us working from home, the collaboration created by Datorama has made it easier to communicate and not work in silos even though we are working apart.

Want to share your story? Reach out to your Success team. And continue the conversation with Leah in our Datorama Community.

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