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Introducing Media Impact Optimization: Datorama’s New Solution for Planning and Pacing Your Media


Marketers need to be able to adapt to a rapidly changing landscape, and media planning has to keep up. It’s being affected by the lack of certainty perhaps more than any other marketing function; as budgets fluctuate and customer needs change, media budgets are under intense scrutiny.

The result is that decisions are harder (e.g., what channel works best for this message? What campaign should we prioritize to hit our goals?), and you need to get — and show — results for everything you do.

So what are marketers supposed to do? By becoming more automated, agile, and connected to the rest of the business, we think marketing teams can navigate this intense period of change while maintaining efficiency and positioning themselves for growth.

That’s why we are excited to announce the arrival of the new Datorama Media Impact Optimization solution, an add-on package of intelligent media tools built on Datorama’s leading connect and harmonization technology, visualizations, and Einstein AI.

With the Media Impact Optimization solution, you can strategically allocate your media budgets, pace your media buys in-flight, and easily reconcile your media data for faster, more agile reporting.

The Media Impact Optimization solution consists of:

  • Media Planning Center: Optimize your media budget allocations with advanced planning analytics, and use AI to forecast performance and make data-driven decisions based on past campaigns.
  • Media Transparency Center: Reconcile your planned spend and your delivered spend automatically for in-flight pacing, discrepancy analysis, billing, and reporting.
  • Media Pacing App: Visualize and explore your in-flight media pacing with an out-of-the-box, interactive dashboard.

Together, these tools help marketing teams:

  • Optimize Budgets with Einstein AI: Create, manage, and analyze media plans in one centralized place. Allocate budget intelligently with an easy-to-use, shareable planning interface complete with automatic historic spend and performance AI insights pulled from Datorama.
  • Evolve Campaign Strategy with Agility: Automatically connect plan, buy, and performance data to continuously optimize investments and drive business objectives.
  • Run Advanced Forecast Analyses: Use advanced statistical methods to forecast your media plan performance and make decisions based on data, not intuition.
  • Visualize Pacing In-flight: Use the out-of-the-box Media Pacing App to automatically pace media buys — as campaigns run in-market — to understand at a glance whether you’re on track to meet your goals while staying on budget.

The result is a complete analytics framework for strategic decision-making at every step of the media process. Rather than make decisions based on intuition and juggle constantly changing Excel spreadsheets, you can focus on optimizing your media for impact.

To learn more about the Media Impact Optimization solution, schedule a demo by clicking here.

To learn about what makes the Media Impact Optimization solution, register for our Master Your Marketing session on 12/9.

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