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Limitless 2020: Agile Marketing in the New Era of Data


Now in its fourth year, Datorama’s Limitless event– this year, in a virtual format–brought together industry leaders and marketers from around the world to learn about the latest trends, challenges, and solutions in data-driven marketing. While we wish we could have gathered in person, the event’s new set-up provided the perfect introduction to this year’s Limitless theme: agility.

What does agility mean for marketers?

This year’s programming centered around agility in the marketing industry, a particularly relevant topic given the new challenges marketers are facing in 2020 and beyond. Datorama GM Ran Sarig kicked things off in his keynote, addressing the theme of agility and its importance to the future of marketing– highlighting data and insights as the basis for which marketers can navigate change, to understand customers and find certainty in their investments.

“Agility really means, for us, creating a culture of continuous optimization. We have new ways of understanding and optimizing marketing performance and data needs to be accessible, but also actionable.” – Ran Sarig

With agility comes the ability to test and learn data and use it to adapt to the new challenges this year has brought on. Next, Salesforce EVP of Digital 360 Marketing Shannon Duffy echoed Ran’s message about agility and the need for marketers to adapt to the new normal.

“Success, both immediate and long-term, calls for complete digital transformation. Agility around the all-digital customer is absolutely everything.” – Shannon Duffy

Shannon discussed the recent launch of the Salesforce Digital 360, a new division of Salesforce that tailors the full power of Customer 360 for marketing, commerce and digital leaders. With Digital 360, every Salesforce customer can launch an end-to-end, integrated, digital relationship with their customers – across every touchpoint from marketing, to commerce, to experience – and Datorama is critical to optimizing marketing performance and impact.

Trailblazer customer success stories

The event continued with a series of customer success stories centered around the three pillars of agile marketing — resonance, innovation, and impact. Our first pair of speakers, from Twitter and Geisinger, spoke to the importance of crafting messages that resonate with your audience and providing relevant, helpful information to clients. Yvonne Liu, Global Performance Advertising Specialist at Twitter, highlighted the value of data-driven insights to measure the impact of these messages.

“It is crucial to provide our clients with insights to ensure that their campaigns are resonating well with their audiences, especially given the fact that marketers these days are more focused than ever on delivering personalized and empathetic content.” -Yvonne Liu

Marriott Digital Services and The Weather Company (An IBM Business) were up next, spotlighting the role of innovation in agile marketing. Both companies shared stories of using Datorama to streamline reporting across their company, freeing their teams to iterate on innovative new marketing strategies. Carrie Lofquist, Leader of Business Application Development Product Management and Engineering at The Weather Company, discussed a range of innovative projects her team has planned including self-service reporting for clients, product trend insights, and more.

“I imagine that we will be able to do so much more with less than we ever imagined, just because we’re not spending half a million dollars on just having people assemble information together.” – Carrie Lofquist

Last, but certainly not least, was our final pair of presenters from Cummins and Annalect, an Omnicom company. Both Trailblazers shared their experiences using data-driven reporting to drive impact across their marketing performance. For both companies, the shift to a digital landscape meant they needed a better system for collecting and unifying their data. As a result, both companies saw increased efficiency in their reporting and actionable insights to optimize for maximum impact. Andrea Freeman, Head of Marketing Intelligence at Annalect, shared the results her team has seen for clients including $3.5 million in reallocated media dollars, 62% increase in leads, and 20+ hours back a week for her team to focus on insights.

New solutions to make agile marketing a reality

The day ended with an overview of Datorama’s latest suite of product offerings–each designed to help customers optimize the impact of their marketing efforts and adapt to the new challenges of our changing digital landscape. A few highlights include:

  • Sandbox for Datorama: Users now have access to a safe testing environment where they can evaluate data changes. This reduces operational risk and encourages collaboration across teams for an efficient change management process, completely in sync with the production environment — no set up required. Sandbox is available now as a premium add-on feature.
  • Datorama Integration with Tableau: With the new Datorama Integration with Tableau, users can now visualize and explore marketing data, together with their business data. With the ability to share and receive important data points across business units, regions, and teams, marketers can rapidly understand the connection between marketing initiatives and sales, product, service, and beyond. The Datorama Integration with Tableau is available now for all customers.
  • Media Planning Center and Media Pacing App: Media Planning Center is a centralized place to input, analyze, and optimize media plans. Users can view every channel and platform, complete with AI Einstein Marketing Insights. Once campaigns are optimized and live, the Media Pacing App gives an overview of all media buys in one easy-to-see place for a high-level view of how they are performing. The Media Planning Center is available now as a premium feature – and the Media Pacing App is available as a free app for all Media Transparency Center users.

2020 has brought new challenges that present marketers with the opportunity to innovate and rethink the way their businesses engage with customers. Now more than ever before, marketers must be equipped with the right tools to adapt to constantly-evolving landscapes. As agility remains a defining quality of marketing into the future, Datorama will continue to stay laser-focused on providing solutions to help navigate marketing transformation.

Thank you to all of our speakers and attendees for coming together to share ideas and collaborate on how we can evolve in 2020 and beyond. To hear more from our speakers, watch the full Limitless 2020 event.

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