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How Professional Services Marketers Are Growing Customer Relationships with Marketing Intelligence


Marketing teams for professional services companies, like law firms and consulting firms, face a unique challenge: they’re selling a relationship, not a product. To showcase the ways their companies help clients, professional services marketers use a variety of different online and offline marketing strategies, from website, blogs and social media to billboards and speaking engagements.

But using these different strategies is only the beginning; the next step is to measure results. Marketing intelligence is a streamlined, automated way for professional services marketers to get real-time insights about their campaigns. Let’s look at how this technology can help optimize marketing strategies for law firms and consulting firms.

How law firms can bring in more cases

Competition in the legal space is stronger than ever. As a result, law firms are looking for ways to bring in new cases, and elevating their marketing is a proven way to do this. Today, marketing means more than launching a one-and-done campaign, demonstrating credibility and capability in various practice areas (although that’s the right place to start). Law firm marketers also need to be able to understand exactly how leads engage with different messages, which leads are most likely to convert, which regions to target, how they can optimize search, and more.

Currently, many law firms are using a variety of tools like customer relationship management (CRM), social media, and Google Analytics to support their marketing efforts. All of these tools yield powerful insights about marketing performance, but many firms struggle to measure the full impact of their work because their data sources aren’t connected; they don’t talk to each other.

Marketing intelligence is the key to connecting a diverse set of data sources and getting a unified set of insights about marketing on every channel. With automated measurement and streamlined data governance, law firms can optimize and refine their marketing to achieve positive ROI and reach crucial KPIs and goals — like bringing in additional cases.

How consulting firms can uncover new client relationships

Marketing through digital ads, email, and social media, consulting firms are always looking for ways to develop new client relationships and nurture existing ones. These organizations need ways to optimize marketing tactics to drive awareness of their firm, convert prospects into customers, close client engagements, and nurture new customers into long-term clients — all throughout the entire customer lifecycle.

Consulting firms are also tasked with positioning themselves strategically, and they need up-to-date data to understand details about the clients and markets they’re targeting. For consulting firms, marketing intelligence can be the missing link between marketing activities and successful business outcomes. With the right technology, it’s easier to keep data organized and make sure there are enough qualified opportunities to meet revenue goals.

Marketing intelligence is a key solution for professional services marketers

Whether you’re marketing on behalf of a law firm, a consulting firm, or any other type of professional services agency, a marketing intelligence platform like Datorama can help optimize your efforts. With streamlined data showing which tactics and channels are performing the best, you can refine your marketing to better reach your audience and stand out in a crowd of similar services competing in our increasingly digital world.

To learn more about how to get started on your own marketing intelligence journey, check out the Marketing Intelligence Playbook and learn about the three steps: data integration and management, data analysis and optimization, and alignment and collaboration.

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