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Sandbox for Datorama: Total Agility to Evolve your Marketing Intelligence


As marketers attempt to keep up in a constantly evolving marketing ecosystem, experimenting with new data sources, data configuration, data harmonization, and visualization has become paramount to success. Sandbox for Datorama offers an isolated environment to address data updates and understand their impact before making them live. Marketers can respond to shifting demands with innovation by collaborating with other team members to securely deploy specific or bulk changes to data sets. And, if the implemented changes aren’t working, administrators can also easily revert to the original configuration. 

The challenges with using a sandbox lie in the synchronization of data between the live production environment and the sandbox. Manually copying data from one environment to another often results in irrelevant or out-of-date datasets being used for testing. Datorama’s Sandbox eliminates traditional challenges and provides an advantage for every agile marketer:

    1. Always in sync: Datorama’s Sandbox is always in sync with production, meaning you always have the latest data to act nimbly with your marketing strategy. Furthermore, you do not have to worry about data discrepancies as the information in your sandbox is a direct reflection of the data in production.
    2. Eliminates manual setup: Traditionally, an administrator is required to copy data by hand to set up separate sandbox environments. Copying data from one environment to another, along with the entire configuration, is a time-consuming process. As soon as Datorama’s Sandbox is enabled, it is ready to use, with Sandbox and production operating on the same platform.
    3. Control the changes you deploy:  With Datorama’s Sandbox and production working together, you can implement changes to a singular entity or apply those changes to thousands of entities. This allows a precise approach to testing and learning that reduces operational risk.

In a constantly changing environment, you need to arm yourself with the tools to share the most relevant data to inform strategic decisions. Datorama’s Sandbox accomplishes this with ease, empowering your team to dive deeper into your datasets and learn how to best wield them for success.

To learn more about Sandbox for Datorama, schedule a demo at

To learn about why every marketing team needs a dedicated Sandbox environment, check out part one of our blog series.

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