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Introducing Sandbox for Datorama: Drive Innovation and Agility in a Trusted Testing Environment



The mark of a successful company, especially in the digital age, is its agility. As digital transformation has rapidly accelerated over the past year, the all digital customer’s behaviors and demands are shifting dramatically. Audience touch points have changed. Live events have gone virtual. Customers are now shopping on social, ordering curbside, and working from anywhere. Meanwhile, marketing budgets have been impacted and planned media strategies are in flux. In this new normal, Marketers across industries are testing new messages and channels, engaging new audiences, and supporting new commerce models to meet their customers’ needs.

That’s why we are excited to announce the arrival of Sandbox for Datorama — a new major release that enables marketers to safely evolve and experiment using an agile testing environment to maximize marketing innovation and efficacy. 

Sandbox for Datorama is a gated environment with all your data for testing, staging, and deployment to production. In Sandbox Mode, marketers can try out specific configuration and data changes before implementing them in their live environment. Marketers can seamlessly transition between the testing and deployment phases, knowing they have accurate and vetted data to inform strategic decisions. With Sandbox, marketers can ensure their data and measurement are always in sync with their latest agile marketing changes.

For example, you can test out new data sources like TikTok. You can QA how that new data source impacts your KPI business logic and taxonomy. You can make updates to your dashboards and reports to specifically measure this new channel as it launches. As you go, you can gather feedback from the team on how to evolve the measurement of this channel, stage the changes, preview them and deploy. Need to go backwards? Simply hit undo. Sandbox helps solidify the relationship between you, your stakeholders, and your data as you all move with agility together

Here are three critical reasons why every marketing team needs Sandbox for Datorama:

  1. Organizational transparency: Sandbox for Datorama is crucial to the change management process. It logs which users make changes and fosters better teamwork and communication, without slowing anyone down.
  2. Operational risk reduction: Instead of testing in live environments, where any mistake – such as a broken dashboard, duplicated or inadvertently reprocessed data stream – is visible to everyone, Sandbox for Datorama gives users the ability to confidently experiment without the risk of errors that can negatively impact their users.
  3. Data integrity: The data in the Sandbox for Datorama is always in sync with production. This means users are always working with the latest data and there are no data discrepancies as you test and QA your changes.

As digital marketing transforms to become fully agile, so must marketing intelligence. An agile approach to data integration, harmonization, measurement and insights is critical to understanding which moments and investments are resonating and where the top opportunities are for spend efficiency and growth.  

To learn more about Sandbox for Datorama, schedule a demo at

To learn about why Sandbox for Datorama is different from traditional Sandbox solutions, check out part two of our blog series. 

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