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New Datorama Integration with Tableau Enables Limitless Marketing Analytics


We’re excited to share that the Datorama Integration with Tableau is now available– a powerful combination that brings together marketing data integration and harmonization capabilities with deep exploration and analysis, so marketers can get the most value from their ever changing and expanding data sets.

Marketing analytics capabilities are essential in the arsenal of the data-driven marketer. According to the Salesforce State of Marketing Report 43% of marketers plan to increase the use of marketing analytics/measurement tools over the next year.

As market circumstances and consumer preferences continue to rapidly shift, marketers must use data to plan and execute long and short term goals that impact their customers and business outcomes. Furthermore, connecting marketing data to the enterprise has become a strategic differentiator. But traditionally, getting marketing data into a connected and unified state for marketing and enterprise insight has been a huge challenge.

With Datorama, marketers can centralize and unify all of their marketing data and now with the Datorama Integration with Tableau, they can scale analytics capabilities across their enterprise. With the ability to share and receive important data points across business units, regions, and teams, marketers can rapidly understand the connection between marketing initiatives and sales, product, service, and beyond.

Here are three reasons why the power of Datorama and Tableau together form the perfect combination for any marketing department:

1. A single source of marketing truth enables optimal efficiency and growth

Marketing teams and marketing data are different than most other departments. Marketing data stems from various different platforms and is disjointed and mismatched, requiring marketing know-how, skills, and copious time to merge together. In fact, instead of analyzing their data, 57% of marketers are spending a week or more each month solely on harmonizing data. These data challenges underpin the top issues marketers report with their data – the lack of a unified view of investments, performance, and results, in real-time, across all stakeholders.

Datorama is an end-to-end solution and the number one marketing intelligence platform to solve these marketing-specific challenges. With clicks not code, marketers are able to gain clarity and transparency into data and marketing performance through data integration, modeling and harmonization, with all marketing data ultimately centralized in a single source of truth.

2. Solve any marketing analytics use case with complementary and integrated solutions

With the new product integration between Tableau and Datorama, marketers have the opportunity to bring these two leading platforms together as an unparalleled analytics solution set in the market. With Datorama, marketers can solve their cumbersome data integration and data management challenges and then seamlessly utilize Tableau to further visualize, explore, and scale use of this data across any person or team within their organization.

3. Align marketing analytics to the entire enterprise

Tableau is the leading business intelligence platform focused on enterprise-wide data exploration and analytics. The combination of Tableau and Datorama will extend the value of marketing data across the entire organization, accelerate data-driven culture, and empower the entire business to explore marketing’s valuable data sets.

AKQA, global design and innovation agency, is eager to maximize the benefits of the integration:

“At AKQA we need seamless access to data and insights to fully optimize media spend for our robust portfolio of clients. With Datorama, we’re able to connect and harmonize all of our client’s media and marketing data into a single system of record to maximize efficiency of analyst time and client budgets,” said Camila Bonfante, Analytics Lead at AKQA. “We also use Tableau across our agency to explore additional data sets and conduct advanced data modeling. The new Datorama Integration with Tableau will allow us to easily unify cleansed marketing data from Datorama with any other data source in Tableau. These two complementary products will allow us to further differentiate our service to clients, enabling us to provide deeper analysis to create true business impact for clients.”

With Datorama and Tableau together, users get the best of both worlds– an analytics solution set that solves for big enterprise analytics challenges, as well as department-specific challenges in marketing. With companies continuing to navigate changing environments and the “new normal” it has never been more important to align data and insights across the organization.

The Datorama Integration with Tableau is available to everyone with both a Datorama and Tableau license.

More information:

  • To learn more about the Datorama Integration with Tableau, watch this YouTube video and check out the Salesforce Newsroom Post
  • To learn more about Datorama visit us at
  • To learn more about Tableau visit
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