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Active International Breaks Barriers in Forecasting Media during COVID-19 with Datorama

Austin Cornell

A cutting-edge leader in custom media solutions, Active International focuses on delivering new levels of value and transparency across its customer base. To meet these exceptional expectations, Active International uses Datorama to create accessible, insightful, and actionable digital media reports to be used as a single source of marketing truth.

During recent times of uncertainty, as marketing budgets quickly began to shrink, and as the pencil erasers took to media forecasts across the board, Active International turned to Datorama to visualize and distribute real-time insights to gain efficiency and speed across their clients’ media spend and make data-driven decisions in real-time.

“Everyone has a close eye on budgets in recent months, and Datorama has allowed us to provide that peace of mind to our clients and management. Digital budgets shift quickly, and we need to be able to surface any changes,” said Connor McGarry, VP of Data & Analytics at the Involved Media and Active Digital Collective. “If the team is seeing better performance, they are acting on it, and the client sees the results. If budgets are slowing down, but forecasted to pick up in later quarters, management sees it and can plan accordingly.”

The Collective leverages Datorama to optimize reporting efficiencies, which ultimately drives value in scenarios where they offer their clients media buying services. In addition to this, the Collective recently launched its own private marketplace, entitled “Active Marketplace”, which allows clients to participate in the benefits of its parent company’s (Active International) corporate trade media vendor partnerships. Situating Datorama in the middle of these transactions allows the Collective to normalize data from various media providers, factoring in the client and trade relationships, aggregating and automating valuable information into accessible reports.

Lastly, working across one single system of record for their marketing data has allowed Active International to solve challenges around collaboration and alignment.

“Now that everyone is working remotely it has become even more important to make information more accessible. We try to pinpoint common questions and surface the answers, we find the tedious tasks and then automate them, and we find the KPIs to track and set up alerts to the key people involved. By doing this we are enabling our teams to spend more time on performance, building the relationship with clients, and driving new business opportunities,” said McGarry.

With data and intelligent insights at the forefront of their decision-making process, Active International has been able to navigate recent unprecedented changes with confidence. With access to real-time insights, they have been able to achieve efficiencies across their clients’ media spend and digital marketing performance, and have gained significant time savings and value across their business.

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