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Knowledge is the Most Powerful Tool

This post was authored by Sergio Aguado, Product Director EMEA at Dentsu Aegis Network and Datorama Partner. See the original post here.

Now, after months of lockdown measures in most of the countries around the world, the quarantine de-escalation process has started and allows people and businesses to see some light. It has been a tough period full of uncertainty where people had to stay at home, businesses had to close or in the best case allow their employees to work from home.

The challenges that businesses are going to face in a post COVID19 reality vary by industry but most of them have one in common, they have been hit by Digital Transformation in some way. The pandemic has accelerated the adoption of digital tools trying to improve teams’ communication or efficiency through automation, but just starting using more digital tools isn’t enough to really transform a business.

Right now these applications or SaaS platforms are as far as a simple search on google, especially in marketing and advertising analytics where Datorama has grown to be one of the leaders in the industry and most of the media groups and global advertisers are leveraging its capabilities. There is no doubt about all the capabilities that Datorama offers to the teams that use it, allowing them to centralize their data and dedicate their time to more valuable tasks. However, at the end of the day tools alone don’t solve your challenges, so only how your employees use them is what will make the difference and put you ahead of your competitors.

At Dentsu Aegis Network we are conscious of it and people’s development isn’t just a goal to achieve, but a pillar in our company’s culture. That is one of the main reasons why we work in partnership with Datorama’s team in an enablement program to provide our employees the knowledge and processes to get the most out of the tool in combination with our proprietary products and support our clients with best in class data strategies, solutions, and implementations.

We have defined a global enablement vision with the goal of aligning our local teams and to provide them with the set of tools and processes that will make them succeed with Datorama. We also want to make our employees more capable, confident, and prepared to better support our client’s data challenges. At Dentsu, we recognize that continuous development is also fundamental to make our employees feel empowered with the necessary capabilities to deal with change and challenges in their work, but not just that. It also helps to keep employees challenged and engaged in their work.

Our global and local data teams are the ones extracting the value from the data and generating growth to our clients, but not every team or everyone has the same knowledge, processes, or skills. Therefore, doing a thorough analysis of our employees’ and agencies’ capabilities is essential to get the information that allows us to better identify our strengths but also the possible gaps we could have. Thanks to the partnership with Datorama, our teams have the benefit of using the Agency Barometer, a scoring system for data-related skills they built with a gallery of recommended training materials or courses based on score and use cases. This barometer enables us the possibility of creating personalized development paths depending on the employee’s role (project manager, solution architect, sales expert, or data engineer among others), and data knowledge.

We also believe that communities are what really unlocks the people’s potential, so we created an internal Datorama community where we complement the official Datorama materials and activities with our internal use cases, webinars, best practices and thought leadership articles to, as mentioned before, advance all together and be ready for the challenges to come.

We have work ahead to do, as this program has just started, but we truly believe it is the only way to succeed in a digital economy that is facing a huge disruption provoked by COVID19. Definitely, this is a key initiative within Dentsu Aegis Network and our partnership with Datorama to go beyond our clients’ goals.

To learn more about how to become a Datorama Partner, please visit our page here.

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