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Optimizing Marketing Campaigns & Aligning Teams Across the High Tech Industry

Julie Norman

The high tech industry is known for being at the cutting edge of consumer trends, environmental changes, and innovation. With sub-verticals such as tech manufacturing, tech services, and gaming, the tech industry is host to a wide variety of companies – all with unique business models that range from B2B, B2B2C, and B2C. In the midst of uncertain and unexpected market changes, it’s more important than ever that tech marketers understand and anticipate the unique shifts in their consumer needs and behaviors. Creating an exceptional customer experience has always been at the top of every marketer’s priorities and that point still remains today. But, what’s also important in today’s economic environment is the need to drive efficient and effective marketing – especially when presented with limited time, resources, and/or unexpected budget constraints.

Anticipating the Changing Needs of Consumers

We’ve seen that social distancing has dramatically changed the way consumers interact with companies. Some tech sub-verticals have experienced declines in sales and purchases, while others have benefited from increased online consumer consumption. For example, with consumers adopting new hobbies from home, esports and gaming platforms have taken off, with engagement at an all time high. Because of these behavior and consumption changes, companies need to shift their communication methods and marketing strategies, so they can meet the new needs of consumers and work within the new parameters established by this environment– whether that’s pivoting product or service offers or redirecting messages and communication to online channels that support new games and streaming services.

Adopting a data driven approach to marketing helps marketers use real-time performance insights to understand market changes.This positions them to transform times of crisis into times of opportunity, by truly understanding what communication, products, and services best resonate with their consumers as well as how to best engage with them.

Aligning Teams and Enabling Communication

In times like today, it’s both key and challenging to remain plugged-in and communicative, not just with consumers, but also throughout the internal tech organization. According to Forbes, “97% of enterprises say all their employees now work from home. It’s particularly important to ensure teams are effectively sharing information, remaining aligned to business goals and objectives, and working in unison to provide a smooth consumer experience. With remote working, cloud-based solutions are the easiest way to ensure employees have access to data and information and a single source of marketing performance ensures employees are working off of the same data.

Accomplishing More with Less and Finding Efficiencies

Cost optimization is one of the most effective approaches to maintaining stability through periods of crisis and change. To do this, it’s important that marketers have the marketing transparency and connectedness to tie top of the funnel marketing initiatives to bottom of the funnel conversions and outcomes. This allows marketers to measure the ROI and efficacy of each marketing campaign, message, creative, and channel. With these insights, marketers can reallocate or cut spend based on actual in-flight performance data and understand what campaigns are working well and what campaigns are underperforming.

In order to accomplish more with less, marketers need to work effectively and efficiently. When marketing teams leverage systems that automate data unification and data insights, they’re able to spend less time managing data and manually connecting disparate data sources. This leaves time for marketers to act on insights, change campaign activations or audience targeting, and use actual performance data to inform decisions and strategies that will best deliver against the business’s goals.

Marketing intelligence solutions like Datorama help marketers deliver an exceptional customer experience as well as provide a holistic view of marketing that enables speed to insight, efficient spend and allocation of the budget, and the ability to meet both top and bottom line business targets.

Hear from one of our technology industry Trailblazers, Autodesk, to learn how they’ve used Datorama to optimize campaigns, turn insights into action, align stakeholders, and meet the demands of changing consumer needs with the right messages at the right time to drive overall engagement and business growth.

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