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How to use Datorama to Supercharge your Marketing Cloud Analytics (Part 1)

Cristina Hernandez

As a part of Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Datorama provides a one stop shop for a marketer’s Marketing Cloud reporting needs across Email, Mobile, Journey Messaging, Social Studio, Interaction Studio, Audience Studio, and Pardot. With Marketing Cloud, marketers are able to know, personalize and engage their customers across every touchpoint in the customer journey. Datorama’s marketing intelligence platform then allows marketers to easily ingest all of their Marketing Cloud data and combine it with their other marketing data sources. Marketers gain a unified view, enhanced analytics, visualization, and machine-learning driven insights to drive growth and efficiency.

As a first step, marketers need to establish a seamless connection to their Marketing Cloud data. Datorama can ingest data in a multitude of ways, formats, and frequencies. For part one of our series, we’ll explore the five ways to ingest your Marketing Cloud data in Datorama:

1. Datorama Marketplace

The Datorama Marketplace allows customers and partners to extend the out of the box functionality of their workspace with additional, custom apps within the platform. This is the easiest path to create a miniature end-to-end use case quickly from Marketing Cloud to Datorama for your messaging (email, mobile, journey) data. With the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email app, marketers gain access to interactive analytics that help benchmark and measure the effectiveness of all their Marketing Cloud messaging data, and then visualize it within Datorama.

2. LiteConnect

LiteConnect allows for easy visualization and AI-powered dashboard creation from standalone Marketing Cloud reports. LiteConnect is not inherently a Marketing Cloud connector, but can be used for any ad-hoc reporting pulls across any part of the platform (email, journeys, mobile, ads, data extensions, etc).

LiteConnect Reports can be cataloged and saved in folders over time, also creating data streams for continuity.

3. Marketing Cloud API Connector

With over 160 API connectors, Datorama connects data across marketing, advertising, technical, and flat file data sources and maps it to the data model automatically. This includes connectors to Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Social Studio, and Pardot.

The Marketing Cloud connector allows marketers to integrate messaging data for email, journeys, SMS, and mobile push. The Marketing Cloud connector gives marketers the option for extended properties for additional channels, as well as for hourly breakdowns and email domain data (adds to volume substantially). These sub-streams map back into the Salesforce Marketing Cloud parent data stream.

From here, data readiness is ongoing and available for visualization and deep-dive analysis. Upon first login to the connector, a SmartLense will be created automatically, bringing you instant expertise to springboard into expanding use cases.

4. TotalConnect

TotalConnect is the custom source data ingestion tool within Datorama. It can be used to upload or automatically stream in any type of marketing and marketing adjacent data. This includes offline media data, geo-data, product / sales data, and in this case, any ongoing custom data extract from Marketing Cloud.

For Marketing Cloud specifically, in addition to the Send Log Data Extension, tracking extracts and other custom reporting can be automated, transformed/ cleansed, and prepared for reporting and visualizations. TotalConnect can be used for any recurring marketing extracts that compliment the data received from the API Connector.

5. Data Lake

The Datorama Data Lake allows marketers to process granular, high-volume marketing data for use within Datorama. The Datorama Data Lake is able to ingest any level of data down to specific individuals, ad impressions, and more, facilitating more advanced analytics use cases and impacting marketing performance optimization. For use cases like reporting on Send Time Attributes, Subscriber-Level KPIs, and other messaging aggregations, marketers can extract the Send Log from Marketing Cloud and ingest that into Data Lake.

This post was authored by Cristina Hernandez, Principal Solution Engineer at Datorama, based in the U.S.  To learn more, check out part two here , which dives into how to analyze and visualize your Marketing Cloud data in Datorama and the full guide here

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