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How to Enrich Your Data With Deeper Insights and Keep up With Change

Alex Hauer

We live in a data-driven world. And for marketers, data is an inherent part of their language– data is a part of understanding performance, target growth and room for improvement. 

But, data doesn’t tell the whole story on its own. With data as the guiding truth, marketers can use additional tools to unlock the ‘what’ and the ‘why’ behind the story. This has never been more important, as we undergo an unprecedented time of global change and uncertainty. Marketers are using data and measurement to navigate through challenging decision-making in order to best support their customers and their businesses during this time of need.

Here are a few tools that marketers can leverage on top of their data to create actionable insights:


1. AI Assistants:

The number of data sources marketers are juggling across the cross-channel ecosystem is overwhelming and analysts spend a majority of their valuable time manually aggregating data and doing ad hoc reporting, often relying on past assumptions to inform where they look for KPI drivers. Now more than ever, time is of the essence and marketers need to make real-time decisions to best inform campaigns and reflect constant changes. 

In addition, marketing data has a unique complexity and requires a unique solution to tell the story behind data. As a result, 51% of marketers are turning to AI technology and tools and 27% plan to over the next two years, to manage the complexity and scale. 

Fortunately, Datorama has an AI solution for you.  

Einstein Marketing Insights (EMI) is your always-on AI assistant that scans all of the data in your Datorama Workspace to quickly help uncover hidden value and optimization opportunities in your cross-channel marketing data. 

EMI helps answer questions like– Why was performance so positive? What combination of Campaigns and Creative Messages can I tap into to continue driving performance? What Site should I optimize to rightset my performance trend?

With EMI, you can also identify the key causes for changes over time periods. This is especially critical in times of uncertainty, where the landscape is evolving on a daily basis to account for changing customer behaviors, market volatility and public health and safety. 

2. Human-Driven Insights

At the same time, human-driven insight from professionals can never be replaced. Through a combination of people, process and technology, marketers can activate the full power of data and understand how to drive efficiency across all of their marketing campaigns.  

Within Datorama, users are able to add insights directly onto a Page with our Rich Text Widgets. This adds the human context of the What and the Why to complete your data story by integrating insights into your visualizations. But, these Rich Text Widgets aren’t – inherently – dynamic:

  • The Rich Text Widgets do not change when you change your Interactive Filters, nor when you change the Date Range
  • They also do not easily allow you to store and query past insights to see how the data story has changed over time
  • And lastly, they don’t embody collaboration across the entire team, as you must have the proper permissions to make changes on the Page

Fortunately, we have a solution for you!

Insight data, just like any of your other disparate data sources, can easily be harmonized with your data model in Datorama. All it takes is an Insight Log file – which you can do via Google Sheets for maximum dynamism. Here are the key steps: 

  1. We suggest using a Google Sheet as it allows you to create live updates that are reflected in Datorama in near real-time. You can also give permissions to the relevant people across your various teams to have access to the Sheet, allowing for proper collaboration.
  2. Include the relevant Filter fields in the Insight Log. For example, if you want to be able to filter your insights by Campaign, Date, and Campaign Objective, make sure those are fields in your file.
  3. Once your file is complete, you need to harmonize it with your data. This can be done  via a Classification Rule, Data Fusion, or Parent-Child.

During this time of uncertainty, EMI  and human-driven insights can ensure that your business is making the smartest, most efficient decisions. These decisions can help you sustain a positive trend or mitigate the unknown risks that cause downturns. With Datorama, you can empower yourself with all the insights and stories that data has to share.

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