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Introducing PPC Monitor Lite App for Datorama Marketplace:

Optimize Your Paid Search Campaign’s Performance With Just a Few Clicks

Emily Hoffman | 02.28.2020

We introduced the Datorama Marketplace in May 2019 to extend the power of Datorama by enabling developers to create custom apps that marketers can discover and use on the Datorama platform. We’re excited to announce that Percept, the leading provider of Digital Media Benchmarking across paid search, paid social, and programmatic, has developed a new marketplace app, PPC Monitor Lite, generally available now.   

For more information, check out this video from Percept and if you are an existing Datorama customer, click here to test out a demo of the app.

To better understand the purpose of PPC Monitor Lite and how marketers can utilize the app to gain access to deeper analytics, we interviewed Percept’s COO, Alex Matthews: 

Why did you decide to build your app on the Datorama Marketplace?

Firstly, Datorama and the broader Salesforce ecosystem operates at a massive scale across various verticals and markets. And as a Datorama customer, we can see the power that the platform provides in streamlining processes within our own business. Naturally, we wanted to showcase our platform’s capabilities within Datorama’s Marketplace. 

This is the first version of our app and we are excited to see where it takes us. Looking ahead we hope to create even deeper integration with Datorama, adding in additional data feeds and providing a full suite of our digital media benchmarking metrics. 

What challenges does your app solve?

The Percept platform provides digital media benchmarking across paid search, paid social and programmatic platforms. Brands face challenges in understanding poor performance metrics, they can often see what looks like poor metrics, but they don’t have an understanding of why that is happening. Rather than starting with the metrics, the Percept platform analyzes the structure and management of accounts to find the underlying factors that are causing reductions in performance and identifies opportunities for brands to drive greater efficiencies.

This version of the app is a sampling of our platform, allowing users to gain insights into a few aspects of their paid search activity by providing scores to benchmark how well these activities are set up and managed. 

Who is the ideal user for your app?

All marketers have the same questions they need to answer to achieve business growth. They want to understand performance metrics, and paid search marketing is no different– search accounts for 45% of marketers’ ad budgets. From CMOs, to digital media managers, to brand managers, to paid search manager, marketers across every function can use our app and plug into Datorama to achieve the full power of marketing intelligence tools and gain deeper insights to ultimately impact ROI. 

Note that this is a Lite app, for the full version reach out directly to Percept ( And be sure to check back on for the latest app releases for the Datorama Marketplace. 


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