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Datorama Limitless Sydney 2019 Recap

Emily Hoffman

Datorama hosted its second Limitless flagship event in Sydney last week, bringing together a close-knit and highly engaged community of over 420 attendees, including a mix of best in class marketers, industry thought leaders, and analysts. The conference covered a range of topics pertinent to today’s data-driven marketers and showcased the value and innovation that marketers are bringing to their businesses with Datorama. 


This year, Limitless Sydney took off with a stellar line-up of speakers, including Salesforce and Datorama’s leadership team, special guest and global futurist, Chris Riddell, and14 ecosystem partners. The day was an endless stream of insights on the latest trends, solutions, and opportunities for marketers in today’s data-driven world.

The theme of this year’s conference was centred around redefining the concept of “growth marketing”  and how the role of the marketer has expanded beyond simply optimising marketing performance to driving meaningful business outcomes and growth overall.

Leading off the event was a keynote by Brent Banning, Datorama’s APAC Director of Customer Success, who provided a break-down of the new growth marketer concept– marketers that are focused on keeping pace with, and staying ahead of, fluctuating consumer behaviour, values and priorities. Banning revealed a glimpse into early findings from a study we’ve conducted across a range of marketers to better understand how they strategize around growth and the corresponding challenges that they face. 

The study found that organisations around the world are increasingly recognising the role of marketers in driving business growth, with 2 out of 3 companies already shifting focus to marketing-led growth. But there are challenges to overcome and data is at the center – with 46% of marketers citing a lack of a unified view of performance as a top challenge for data management and growth, 41% citing the ability to connect and unify data, and 41% citing measurement misalignment. Banning proposed three fundamental pillars for marketers to better understand and utilise data: accuracy/accessibility, connectivity and optimisation. 

Lee Hawksley, Salesforce APAC EVP, also took the stage to celebrate Datorama’s first year with Salesforce, and discussed Datorama’s integration since the acquisition in July 2018. Hawksley noted one common challenge that has plagued marketing teams all over the world: the lack of ability/tools to harmonise and centralise data. With Datorama, marketers are able to unify siloed data sources into one single source of truth and make it intelligent and actionable.

This year, we were honoured to welcome award-winning global Futurist and self-confessed data enthusiast, Chris Riddell to the stage. Riddell brought his passion and excitement for the future of data and presented the audience with a deep dive into what a data-driven future would look like, what is required to turn this utopic vision into reality, and the key role marketers have to play in the transformational journey. Through his keynote, Riddell prepared the audience for a great wave of change. His session was inspirational to marketers in the audience, emphasizing the empowerment and confidence they should feel, as today’s marketers are equipped with the right tools to transform into a fully data-driven mindset and keep pace with the changing trends, to always stay relevant.

Limitless did not end there. We heard incredible, ‘real-talk’ stories from a number of Datorama agency, brand and publisher customers including Telstra, NewsCorp, BUPA, iProspect, Havas, L’Oreal, True Alliance and GroupM and many more, who shared insights and learnings on how they are actioning their data to take on the new growth mandate for marketers. Each one truly embodied the persona of the growth marketer as architects, storytellers, or changemakers, across diverse industries. Attendees left this year’s Limitless feeling inspired from our customer stories which showcased true business transformation through leveraging the power of data and intelligent analysis to solve key challenges. Driving value in data and developing strategic planning to connect data to audiences was an imperative commonplace across the board.

Huge thanks to everyone who joined us on this day and helped to make our second Limitless Conference in Sydney such a success! The event was the perfect meeting ground to redefine the growth marketer and drive our industry that much further towards the future of data-driven marketing.


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