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2019 Datorama Limitless Awards — And the Winners are…

Emily Hoffman

Launched last year at our annual Limitless conference, the Limitless Awards are designed to celebrate the innovation and exciting achievements within our Datorama community. As the theme of this year’s conference focused on redefining growth for marketing, our awards recognized growth marketers who are using data to be a driving force of growth at their company/agency.

Through strong data governance, engaging data storytelling, and next-generation innovation, our customers are wielding the power of Datorama to truly impact change and drive results at their organizations. This year, we had award submissions from all over the world, spanning the ecosystem and industries. With so many savvy customers who are scaling data and analytics through the power of marketing intelligence, it was difficult to choose only seven winners for the 2019 awards.

We’re so honored to have an engaged community of marketing data experts. Here is a recap of this year’s winners who have demonstrated a data-driven growth mindset and mastery of marketing analytics:

Neo Media World
Neo Media World uses Datorama to help drive efficiency, automation, scale, and innovation. Since their adoption in 2015, they have seen significant success across a portfolio of clients, including a major CPG company, healthcare organization, and financial services client. They’ve already achieved many milestones on behalf of their clients but a few to note– they helped their financial services client generate 26%+ more new accounts; they have used Datorama to streamline data management for a healthcare organization, unifying siloed paid media channels into one holistic view and delivering a 100% automated solution; and they have created a templatized solution for their CPG client, scaling production of over 150 dashboards every month and saving hundreds of hours annually. Across all their clients, Neo Media World is creating a robust yet flexible framework, gathering insights faster than ever before to optimize campaigns in real time and ultimately drive growth.

Cummins is using Datorama to drive transformation across the organization. Through their use of Datorama, not only have they seen a huge increase in efficiency, saving an average of 100 hours of manual data wrangling a week, but they’ve also launched a cultural shift within their organization with every stakeholder becoming data-driven. With one single marketing system of record, they’ve brought marketing intelligence to both internal stakeholders and clients. With an uptick in overall productivity, they’ve also been able to hone their data governance with consistent campaign taxonomy. Overall, Cummins has embraced a growth mindset rooted in a strong data architecture.

Publicis Groupe
Publicis Groupe used Datorama to increase ROI for one of their clients, a global hospitality company, and the numbers don’t lie. Their client was struggling to demonstrate how much campaign-generated revenue could be attributed to each of their hotels. By using Datorama to classifying their booking data, Publicis was able to connect advertised hotels with those that were receiving actual bookings from customers. Through two key factors – strong taxonomy and speed to insight– this agency reduced cost per booking from 54% to 15% in three months, saving their client more than $700K in the first year, across 40 campaigns. Publicis was able to provide a real impact on bottomline ROI for their client through a solid data governance strategy.

PepsiCo lacked a common, organization-wide, media performance reporting solution. Although they had an abundance of analytical tools, each tool lived independently, inhibiting full campaign visibility. Manual preparation and reporting was time intensive and didn’t allow the speed and frequency that their marketing and media teams sought. In preparation for the 2019 Super Bowl, they turned to Datorama for a fast, centralized, and mobile-friendly view of media performance that tracked share of voice, sentiment, and conversion volume across all advertisers in real-time.

Autodesk embraced technical challenges to create a unified measurement framework across their display advertising. With a unique advertising practice, Autodesk was pulling data directly from measurement tags with custom conversion metrics. With Datorama, they are able to prepare and classify their data. In addition, Datorama’s data model enables seamless data merging for them, eliminating lengthy reporting processes. By unraveling the complexities in their measurement and analysis, Autodesk is now processing data by the minute, directly impacting their ability to act on real-time insights and saving enormous amounts of time spent across their team.

Active International
Active International has embraced workflow automation, simplified campaign management, and optimization to help their clients achieve more. In under six months, with Datorama, they were able to easily connect media plans to advertising data through Media Cost Center and TotalConnect, while providing live dashboards to increase transparency and interaction with their clients. As a result, they are launching 6X more daily campaigns on average, have cut their time spent on reporting in half, and have projected 8X year-over-year revenue growth. Active International is truly maximizing the impact of marketing intelligence to set the precedent throughout the organization to be more data-driven and automated in their analytics.

Daikin Industries
Daikin Industries, multinational air conditioning manufacturing company, was able to integrate a variety of digital data sources together into one single source of truth, allowing each member of their marketing team to evaluate which KPIs and marketing activities were impacting the company’s growth. In just one year, Daikin has reduced its time spent pulling together reports from 30 days to real-time. With this shift, they’ve been able to drive growth for their business, effectively reallocating and saving budgets and optimizing all campaign performance. Based in Japan, Daikin is an integral part of our international community.

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