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Datorama Limitless New York 2019: Redefining Marketing For Growth

Leah Pope

For the third year, Datorama hosted its annual Limitless event in New York– Datorama’s conference on all things data and marketing and an essential meeting ground for the most innovative, data-driven marketers. This year’s event took it to another level, with a community of over 500 attendees including best-in-class marketers, industry thought leaders, and analysts. With the opportunity to hear from Salesforce for Marketing and Datorama leadership, special guest and co-author of the Freakonomics book series Stephen Dubner, and 14 incredible customers, the day was packed with insights on the latest trends, challenges, and solutions.

This year’s conference was all about redefining “growth marketing.” As the marketing mandate expands, marketers are no longer simply responsible for driving marketing performance, but are being held accountable for propelling business-wide outcomes and impacting overall growth. Kicking off the conversation was Datorama’s SVP & GM, Ran Sarig, who revealed a glimpse into early findings from a study we’ve conducted across a range of marketers to better understand how they strategize around growth and the corresponding challenges that they face. As our study showed that two-thirds of companies are shifting priorities to reflect marketing-led growth, it is clear that marketers have more opportunities than ever to take control of their efforts and tie back every activity to ROI. But there are challenges to overcome and data is at the center – with 46% of marketers citing a lack of a unified view of performance as a top challenge for data management and growth, 41% citing the ability to connect and unify data, and 41% citing measurement misalignment. 

We led the day with a special keynote from co-author of the Freakonomics book series and host of the podcast Freakonomics Radio, Stephen Dubner. As someone deeply rooted in the world of data and acutely aware of the great challenges and opportunities our industry faces, Dubner related the complexities of data and analysis back to real-life anecdotes. Diving into what economists call the principal-agent problem, Dubner explained that often two parties who seemingly have aligned incentives, in fact do not. For marketers, customers will always have competing incentives, and while many see data as the magic bullet, there is an art and science at the crux of understanding what incentives are at play in the chain of data. Dubner proposed three foundational pillars in our continued journey as marketers to better understand data– 1. Knowing what the data represents and what it does not; 2. How to tell good data from bad data; 3. How to ask the right questions about the data.

And throughout the day, we heard from Datorama customers who are embodying these pillars and more. Our customers, who are saying challenge accepted to the new growth mandate,  truly embody the persona of the growth marketer as architects, storytellers, and changemakers, across a range of industries.  Architects, like NewsCorp, Bayer, and WPP, are building strong data governance and taxonomy to impact smarter decision making across their marketing. Storytellers, like Autodesk, IPG, Ticketmaster, and GroupM are turning data into answers through the blending of art and science. And Changemakers, like PepsiCo and Land O’Lakes are transforming their companies by leveraging technology and people to create a more data-driven culture. Datorama customers are innovating on the platform in ways that set them ahead of the curve, empowering them to use data and intelligent analysis to solve for key challenges.

We were also able to dive deeper into growth marketing tactics, challenges, and successes as we conducted fireside chats including perspectives from independent agencies, Clue Digital and 22squared; and a panel including two of the biggest CPG companies, PepsiCO and Land O’Lakes, as well as the viewpoint of a large-scale agency, Spark Foundry,  one of six global media agency brands within Publicis Media. Driving brand connections and value was a theme that stood out, as companies strive to keep up with changing consumer behavior, values, and priorities. The role of the marketer in driving growth requires both short-term sales and long-term brand strategy and that is a balance marketers today are working to achieve. 

To end the day, we had a chance to celebrate our all-star customers who are using data to be a driving force of growth for their agency/company with our second annual Limitless Awards. Stay tuned for the full list of this year’s winners.

We want to thank everyone for joining and making Limitless New York such a success. Bringing together this innovative community creates deep interactions and the sharing of knowledge and insights fosters the growth of a new class of marketers. 

Join us next at Dreamforce 2019, or sign up for a demo to learn more about Datorama.

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