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Announcing the Winners of our Datorama Marketplace App Idea Contest

Boaz Ram

In May, we announced the launch of the new Datorama Marketplace, an open ecosystem that extends the power of Datorama’s marketing intelligence capabilities by enabling developers to create custom apps marketers can seamlessly discover and use on the Datorama platform. 

At launch, the Marketplace featured apps including a lead generation app, a social monitoring app, Salesforce Marketing Cloud email app, and more. To help foster innovation within the marketing ecosystem, we also launched an app idea contest, and our community responded with some truly exciting ideas that help solve some of the biggest issues facing marketers today. 

Today, we are happy to announce the five winners who will be taking home cash prizes. Apps were judged on the following criteria:

  • Does it solve a real problem and/or create instant value?
  • Is it based on a common use case and are the data sources widely used in the platform?
  • Is it well designed and executed?
  • Does the app introduce a new capability/enhance platform capabilities in a meaningful way? 

* Note that these are ideas for apps, they are not existing apps within the Datorama Marketplace.

Today we are celebrating our five winners and their unique, innovative app ideas that showcase the limitless possibilities with Datorama Marketplace. We’ve included mock-ups courtesy of the submitters, and a short description of the app idea and why we picked it.

5. Datorama Influencer Platform

Submitted by Evan Bench

Courtesy of Evan Bench

The Datorama Influencer Platform app idea would give marketers the tools they need to understand and anticipate developing trends in influencer marketing, as well as track existing brand ambassadors. As influencer marketing becomes an increasingly powerful force in the industry, marketers need to understand the value of the content their influencers are creating. With real-time insights into influencer performance, marketers can make instant business decisions related to editorial policy, content policy, and digital spend. 

The Datorama Influencer Platform app would seamlessly integrate with Datorama’s classification and harmonization capabilities to provide insights into the impact of influencer created content on their campaigns and events, analyzing metrics such as comments, tweets, retweets, favorites, likes, pins, repins, shares, and video views. By quantifying influencer value, marketers would be able to apply a measurement framework to their influencer investments and gain a holistic, visualized view of all influencer posts and rankings.

4. PII Flagger

Submitted by Rob Boland


Courtesy of Rob Boland

The PII Flagger app idea would automatically assess data columns and check the contents for personally identifiable information (PII). With GDPR, marketers need to be able to audit their data and act instantly on anything that breaches data privacy regulations. This app idea would simplify that process for marketers, allowing them to select specific data streams to scan for PII, including first names, last names, area codes, birth dates, phone numbers, and full names. 

The user would be able to choose to schedule a daily, weekly, or monthly scan. From there, the flagged entries could be reviewed and an appropriate action would be taken, ultimately ensuring that marketers avoid handling sensitive data.

3. Natural Language Query App

Submitted by Brad Boldenow

Courtesy of Brad Boldenow

The Natural Language Query app idea would leverage natural language processing to help marketers ask questions about their data. The app would provide for both the technical understanding and contextual understanding to tell automated and insightful stories based on a single question from a Datorama user.

For example, a marketer could type in a question like “how were social engagements last month?” and the app would present a single page dashboard, linked to Datorama, that shows what the engagements are, how they compared to the previous month, trends over time, insights into the distribution, breakdown by channel, as well as other metrics that are highly correlated with engagements. From there, the user would have the ability to copy the dashboard to make tweaks and build a larger dashboard around it, ask further questions, or create a tool within Datorama. 

2. Reach & Frequency Reporter 

Submitted by Kunal Jindal

The Reach & Frequency Reporter app idea would report reach and frequency for popular media platforms including Facebook and Google. This app would allow the user to select data sources across campaigns and time periods to create a set of automated data streams. 

These data streams would be further populated into a dashboard to show the reach and frequency combinations. This would give users options of out-of-the-box reach and frequency reporting, without the time and resources usually needed for manual setup.

1. Workforce Analytics

Submitted by Sergio Aguado

Courtesy of Sergio Aguado

The Workforce Analytics app idea would help users manage and maximize the impact of their analytics teams. All companies need to better manage their resources, but the main use case for the Workforce Analytics app idea would be for media and marketing agencies and consulting companies. 

Many companies rely on Datorama, but they don’t have a complete understanding of their team’s capabilities and adoption within the platform. This makes it difficult to organize projects, allocate resources, and analyze impact over time.

The Workforce Analytics app would provide an understanding of how teams are using Datorama and improving their skills, measure service quality and client maturity on the platform, and enable users to contribute recommendations to improve the Datorama product. App users would gain insight into how many users by role and certification are in the system, follow how frequently users are logging into Datorama, identify the lack of usage for specific Datorama functions, track how many data sources, dashboards, pages, actions and goals clients have, and much more. 

Congratulations to all of our winners! If you’d like to create an app for the Datorama Marketplace, join our partner network and contact us to get started! 

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