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Cannes Lions 2019: m/SIX Global CTO, Ross Barnes and EMEA Agency Lead, Ben Brown on how data helps to foster trust and transparency with clients

Emily Hoffman

To wrap up our recap series from an amazing Cannes Lions, we wanted to share insights from our discussion with m/SIX’s Global CTO, Ross Barnes and EMEA Agency Lead, Ben Brown. 

While ‘data-led creative’ and the ‘insightful creative processes’ have become buzzwords in the industry, Barnes and Brown both agree that making data more approachable to creative clients is key for their relationship. Data is not the answer to creative challenges, but it is certainly the fuel for finding a solution. According to Barnes, “the best conversations with clients happen when they come to us with a hypothesis and we’re able to look at the Datorama platform and investigate and drill more deeply into it.” 

In terms of metrics, Barnes and Brown agree that both short and long term metrics matter to clients. “Building metrics that are fast moving, that proxy or tally to much longer term metrics and prove efficacy between those two, allows us to make quick decisions for long term benefit,” said Barnes. 

Ultimately, data is the key to building trust and transparency with clients. Datorama helps solve issues around transparency and data ownership by ensuring that both agency and client are all operating off the same report and set of facts. A single source of truth provides transparency into client budgets, to show where spend is going and what each return on investment is. And as an independent advisor, m/SIX is able to bring together different siloed departments within client businesses and ensure they are operating against shared KPIs and goals.

Watch the full conversation below and be sure to check back on our blog for the latest Datorama news and updates. 

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