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Cannes Lions 2019: Ayzenberg Group President, Chris Younger, on using the power of data to supercharge the creative process

Emily Hoffman | 07.10.2019

Chris Younger, President of Ayzenberg Group, joined us for a timely discussion at Cannes Lions on the process of providing innovative, efficient, and effective data-driven solutions to power standout creative.

According to Younger, creative storytelling is the key to unlocking authentic, personalized connections with your audience. Historically, creative assets were created with a notion or hypothesis of what might resonate with an audience. Today, brands are increasingly focused on creating long-term relationships with their customers, and in order to so, they need to take the guesswork out of the process and create KPIs to measure whether their storytelling is resonating and customer relationships are being nurtured.

But as Younger describes, storytelling comes in so many different forms and “the idea of having to understand where attribution happens between influencers, social, paid, and conversion, and create tangible insights from that data is an overwhelming challenge.”

As an agency that drives creative marketing through data, the balance between developing long-term engagement and managing risk for their clients is paramount for Ayzenberg. Working with Datorama allows Younger and his team to spend less time crunching data and more time driving insight to action to understand that balance. By curating, informing, and interpreting everything they do through real-time insights, Ayzenberg has been able to reach audiences with 25,000 pieces of personalized creative content in the past year.

Watch the full conversation below and be sure to check back on our blog for more Cannes Lions 2019 highlights!

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