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3 Important Takeaways From Limitless London 2019

Leah Pope

If this year’s Limitless London — Datorama’s annual conference on all things data and marketing — is any indication, marketing’s change of pace isn’t slowing down. Consumer habits keep changing. Technology keeps evolving. The complexity and fragmentation of modern marketing is exponential — but the potential is limitless as well.

Marketers have never known more about their customers; have never been able to reach them in so many ways; and have never been more able to connect marketing spend with growth. That’s why we call our conferences Limitless: With the power of unified data, marketing’s potential impact is boundless.

This year’s conference was packed with talks from industry and topical experts, meet-and-greets with our growing community, and some exciting product news from Datorama and Salesforce. Here were my biggest takeaways from an awesome day:

1. The pressure for growth is only increasing

One of my favorite features of Limitless is the “Real Talk” sessions, where senior marketers from across industries are invited to cut through the marketing-speak and discuss issues impacting their day-to-day.

This year, the sessions made one thing clear: that marketers in every industry are getting pressure to drive growth from every campaign, channel, and activity. As performance has become easier to track, it’s no longer good enough to do something just because it’s always been done. Business leaders expect marketing to be growth engine — not a cost center.

2. Marketers want to own their data

Of course, proving marketing’s impact is much easier said than done. One of the biggest impediments to marketing’s move towards a growth engine is that marketing needs data from across the business — and, traditionally at least, often struggles to connect it all.

As a result, there’s a cross-industry push to consolidate, connect, and unify data inputs into one central system anyone can access. Having that single source of truth can have exponential benefits: Improving transparency, speed to insight, and leading to easier optimization for growth. Datorama can be a big piece of that puzzle, but it’s ultimately up to marketers themselves to drive the shift from a fragmented data landscape to a unified view.

3. “Data-driven” may be a buzzword, but it’s becoming a reality

Every marketer wants to be data-driven — myself included! But until recently, the label was something many would claim, but few actually practiced. Yet as marketers become more comfortable with data, it’s making decisions based on real evidence — rather than intuition — is starting to become the norm across all marketing activities.

Datorama is helping to make this possible, and — as our product team announced at the event — we’re about to make it easier than ever to find and create solutions for all their data challenges. Stay tuned for more.

We want to thank everyone for joining and making Limitless London our most successful event yet. Attendance improved over 5x year-over-year, and our community of data-driven marketers has never felt stronger.

Join us at one of our upcoming events, or sign up for a demo to learn more about Datorama.

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