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Salesforce + Datorama Update: Marketing Cloud Analytics Expands With New Datorama Tools

Datorama | 03.20.2019

This January, Jon Suarez-Davis, SVP & Chief Strategy Officer, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, announced the expansion of Marketing Cloud analytics with new Datorama data integration, activation, and developer tools. Datorama—the newest member of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud—is used by marketers to unify their data and optimize every marketing activity.

We are thrilled to share the three latest Datorama innovations as we continue our journey of integration with the Marketing Cloud.

1. Visualize Marketing Cloud Campaign Performance in Datorama with New Connectors

Above: Organic social media marketing performance is visualized alongside other metrics with the new Datorama Marketing Cloud connector.

With new Datorama Marketing Cloud connectors, marketers will be able to easily import data from Marketing Cloud with a click of a button and see how campaigns are performing next to other significant metrics. In addition, the new connectors offer enhanced reporting, insights, and analytics.

With the Marketing Cloud Social Studio connector, marketers can view how industry trends, brand health, and competitive messaging on social media are impacting overall marketing performance within Datorama, alongside metrics from paid social media, paid media, web analytics, sales data, and other marketing or advertising data.

Coming this Summer, the Marketing Cloud Email Studio connector will be enhanced in new ways and the Mobile Studio connector will become available. These connectors will provide marketers seamless setup and access to a deeper level of email and mobile insights for customers that is made possible now that Datorama is part of Salesforce.

2. Customize Marketing Integrations and Tasks with the Datorama Developer Portal

Above: The Datorama Developer Portal features tools for developers to create custom data integrations and other solutions for marketers.

Every marketing team is different, and has specific marketing data sources they’d like to analyze and act on. With the new Datorama Developer Portal, IT professionals and developers have a suite of tools to build custom data integrations and solutions for their marketing teams.

Developers can leverage the following new APIs and features to extend the power of Datorama:

  • Platform API: Developers can now build custom scripts that automate tasks, such as provisioning new users and permissions, updating governance policies and global data connection settings or KPI formulas, and creating personalized workflows to match business processes.
  • Query API: Developers can share the data in Datorama with any other platforms that marketers often use, including presentation tools and web analytics solutions.
  • Custom Data API Connectors: Developers will now have the tools to create their own connectors that are specific to their organization, so marketers can connect to any marketing data source.
  • Python Retrieval: Developers can use the popular and user-friendly programming language Python to import data into Datorama.
  • Custom Visualization: Datorama offers marketers many options for viewing how their campaigns are performing. For those marketers that prefer different ways to visualize performance, developers can use a range of coding languages to create custom visualizations or widgets within Datorama.

3. Trigger Campaign Adjustments and Alerts Based on Insights with Datorama Activation Center

Above: The Datorama Activation Center enables marketers to create automated actions based on real-time insights.

Generally available this Spring, Datorama Activation Center allows marketers to instantly act on their unified and analyzed data. Based on real-time insights surfaced within Datorama, marketers can take action or notify stakeholders of important events the moment they happen.

With Datorama Activation Center, marketers can:

  • Compare how campaigns are performing across different marketing and advertising channels, and pause underperforming ones based on cost, engagement, or conversion metrics with a simple click or automated if/then rules. For example, a marketer can create a rule to monitor a campaign across multiple channels. If the campaign is showing a lack of performance, then the rule will automatically pause it.
  • Trigger alerts based on any piece of data, goal, or KPI that can be sent to a marketing team member on their mobile device, over email or any other communication channel that the team collaborates on. For example, a marketing team may want to be alerted when a particular advertising campaign has achieved exceptional results.

“When Salesforce acquired Datorama, it recognized a real need for customers–bringing all the data from different marketing campaigns and channels together to optimize spending and maximize marketing ROI,” said Rebecca Wettemann, VP of Research at Nucleus Research. “Six months later, Salesforce and Datorama are bringing customers more ways to get value by delivering the strengths of Datorama and Salesforce Marketing Cloud to customers. These advancements will enable marketers to better understand campaign performance and act on that data through customized integrations and automated actions.”

iProspect and MBuy Turn to New Marketing Cloud Analytics Solutions to Improve their Marketing and Drive ROI

“With Salesforce and the Datorama Developer Portal, we’ve created our proprietary AutoGraph product that expedites data delivery for the presentations we create for our clients,” said Morten Højsgaard, Managing Director, iProspect Denmark. “AutoGraph automates campaign reporting for popular presentation tools, significantly decreasing manual operational reporting work. This allows us to spend more time on analyzing and optimizing campaign performance, ultimately adding additional value for our clients.”

“Datorama is critical to delivering greatly improved outcomes, through even greater marketing, for our clients. At MBuy, we are able to not only influence results for them thanks to the insights we get from Datorama, but we’re able to juggle massive amounts of data and be strategic in our decisions,” said Alan Lemery, Vice President, Data Science & Product, MBuy. “With the Datorama Activation Center, we can capture many different types of data, prioritize our attention to the campaigns that are working and instantly take action on them. The marketing team is also able to get critical alerts when campaigns are running well and when we need to pivot. Our clients are pleased with the outcomes and at MBuy, we are able to better innovate and drive efficiencies.”

For more details on how Datorama is integrating with Salesforce, check out our Marketing Cloud Product page. You can also read more on this story from Adweek, Ad Age, and AdExchanger.

Datorama provides an end-to-end solution for marketing analytics, so your team can easily get all the answers—all in one place. Request a demo and see how you can elevate your decision making with intelligent marketing analytics.

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