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Top 3 Dashboards for DMP Audience Marketers

Julie Norman

Marketers require an in-depth understanding of their audience segments in order to produce the right creative, meaningful messaging, and relevant offers. That’s why most marketers use data management platforms (DMPs) to effectively target their audiences, using first, second, and third party data. This sounds straightforward and simple in theory, but can be a time consuming, frustrating process in practice. That’s because DMPs typically lack the ability to connect, analyze, and report on audience and performance data. Marketing intelligence and analytics platforms, such as Datorama, help solve this issue by piecing together disparate data sources to create one, comprehensive view of campaign performance. The following three dashboards illustrate how combining audience data with campaign performance metrics can lead to insights that drive campaign optimization and increase return on ad spend (ROAS).

Audience Overview Dashboard

The Audience Overview Dashboard provides a visual snapshot into complete campaign and advertising spend performance. Marketers can quickly view their paid advertising investment performance across a variety of media platforms and audiences. This unified, real-time view of audience, platform, and campaign creative performance makes it easy for marketers to identify and act on insights that optimize ROAS and drive conversion – all resulting with the best customer experience. This high level dashboard is perfect for measuring the health of your campaigns by audience and ROAS.

Audience Portrait Dashboard

The Audience Portrait Dashboard provides performance insight and ROAS by any combination of audience, category, or channel. Marketers can easily view the highest and lowest performing combinations. Red combinations quickly signal the need to pause or reinvest advertising spend to a better performing green audience segment or campaign. This level of transparency and insight helps marketers make the most of their marketing budgets by continuously iterating campaigns, optimizing spend, and targeting the right audiences.

Campaign Targeting Dashboard

The Campaign Targeting Dashboard takes performance analysis one step further. This dynamic dashboard helps marketers understand their KPIs across campaigns, channels, placements, creatives, and audiences. This approach to full audience data lets marketers drill into the details and align spend with the channels, creatives, and messages that best line up with their audience segments. Continuous spend adjustments and campaign optimizations help marketers increase conversions and ROAS.

By unifying spend, engagement, web, conversion, and sales data and automating the performance reporting process, marketers have the degree of visibility needed to quickly measure and analyze spend effectiveness at every level. They can track the cost to reach, engage, and convert audiences. They can also sort and compare key metrics across various audiences and creatives. All of these capabilities stem from the connectedness, transparency, and automation provided by Datorama. The automated, intuitive dashboards above give marketers the time and resources needed to act on real-time insights and optimize campaigns and spend for growth. To learn more on this topic, listen to our webinar: Optimize Your DMP Audience Segments for ROAS and Growth with Datorama

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