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Use Marketing Intelligence to Optimize Email Marketing Campaigns

Julie Norman

Email marketing is commonly used as a cost-effective method for targeting a wide range of consumers with messaging, branding and offers. Marketers, especially within the retail or CPG industries, rely on email campaigns to help drive engagement, build brand loyalty, and generate sales. In the past, marketers have focused on email specific metrics such as clicks, opens, deliverability, and unsubscribes to measure the health and success of their email marketing campaigns. While these metrics are important, they don’t capture the complete picture needed to adequately provide insight into successful or unsuccessful campaign performances.

To fully capitalize on email marketing campaigns, marketers are adopting a more holistic measurement approach using email marketing dashboards. Within these dashboards, they are not only tracking key email metrics but also web analytics and sales data to measure business impact and customer journey experience. With a holistic understanding of past and current campaigns, marketers are optimizing for business outcomes while campaigns are in flight, sharing results that the business can understand, and gaining deeper insights into future campaign planning.

With transparency across performance and conversion data, marketers can gain the needed speed to optimize email for growth. Now marketers can drill down into campaigns to understand performance at the segment, creative, and offer levels. By analyzing which combinations of tactics work best, marketers can deliver great customer experience and marketing ROI at the same time. By gaining insight into consumer segment trends from email opens to online sales, marketers can improve personalization, messaging, and frequency to directly lift sales, engagement, and list health. This level of detailed insight allows email marketers to proactively optimize and report in real-time with confidence.

Measuring and understanding the mechanics behind successful campaigns hasn’t always been easy. Marketing Intelligence and Analytics platforms, such as Datorama, help email marketers gain deeper insights, understand ROI, and drive growth. To start, Datorama helps marketers connect and unify email, web analytics, and sales data in a single place with a “clicks, not code” approach that is easy to do. Marketers can then visualize their top-level marketing KPIs and trends to gauge their overall impact. Drilling down further, marketers can surface and act on deeper level insights using AI, automated reports, goals, alerts, and more. This comprehensive approach lets marketers easily identify best practices and growth opportunities across their email, web, and sales data sources. Are you ready to increase sales, attract new subscribers, engage lapsed users, and build brand equity? You can see how this blog’s recommendations come to life in our new Datorama for Email Marketers webinar – available now to view on-demand.

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