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Top 3 Dashboards for Email Marketers

Simona Kazinets

Siloed, disparate data sources can make data aggregation, reporting, and campaign optimization a time-intensive, laborious, and error-prone process. But, by using marketing intelligence and analytics platforms, such as Datorama, email marketers can take advantage of out-of-the-box and customizable dashboards that save time, transform performance management, and facilitate campaign optimization. The following three dashboards are examples of how an automated, unified view of email marketing metrics with web and sales conversions can help increase speed to insight, campaign optimization, and ROI.

Campaign Email Analysis

As marketing teams become leaner and more business outcome focused, there’s been a push for email marketers to evaluate the success of their email campaigns beyond the traditional email metrics of sends, opens, and clicks. The Campaign Email Analysis dashboard above provides a high-level view of email metrics in conjunction with sales data and web analytics. With this unified view, email marketers can seamlessly compare top and bottom line results by campaign. This allows marketers to easily monitor performance and shift their strategy based on what’s working well and what needs improvement.

Engagement Analysis

In the Engagement Analysis dashboard, email marketers can dig into more detailed insights. This view provides side by side comparisons to optimize campaigns based on the best combinations of segments and creative. This makes optimizing for open rate, click thru rate, web traffic, or sales simple. Using real-time data, this process can be continuous, meaning marketers can repeatedly iterate and optimize in order to hit their desired sales, marketing, or business targets. This continuous improvement approach helps ensure email marketers are sending each segment the right, most effective message to drive great business outcomes and customer experiences.

Email Flow Optimization

With the Email Flow Optimization report, marketers can optimize both onboarding and trigger emails. For instance, to optimize onboarding flows, marketers can compare welcome education, upsell, and win-back flows for key metrics like 30-day revenue, unsubscribe rate, incremental revenue, and total sales. They can then optimize by subject line and offer to ensure the most effective customer experiences and biggest business impact from these automated email journeys. This allows email marketers to proactively capitalize on what’s working, course-correct what’s not, and manage list health.

Enhancing your email measurement, insight, and reporting approach to drive ROI and growth is an exciting and natural next step for marketers. Marketing intelligent technologies, such as Datorama, have arrived just in time to help streamline and scale this process. To learn more on this topic, listen to our webinar: Optimize Your Email Campaigns for ROI and Growth with Datorama.

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