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Datorama at DMEXCO 2018: PepsiCo and Ticketmaster Talk AI and Real-time Marketing

Simona Kazinets | 11.20.2018

Attendees at DMEXCO 2018, held in Cologne, were treated to a session hosted by Datorama that featured two compelling enterprise-grade businesses. Graced with the presence of panelists from both PepsiCo and Ticketmaster, participants were given the opportunity to better understand how both companies leverage the power of artificial intelligence and real-time marketing to drive growth.

Moderating the discussion was Datorama’s Regional Sales Director, Phil Dance. Joining him were PepsiCo’s Senior Manager of Analytics, Nathan James, and Ticketmaster’s VP of Marketing, Gosha Khuchua.

Throughout the discussion, three themes were explored: Transparency, speed and growth. Below are some sound bites from each theme; however, we suggest you watch the full session — below — to learn some critical marketing lessons from PepsiCo and Ticketmaster.

Nathan explains, “Our data, historically, was in a lot of different places. Some were fragmented across all the different places whether it was in flat files somewhere or in technology solutions that we didn’t own — or have control over.”

Now, PepsiCo is getting a holistic view of its data where it can be optimized at scale and performance actually understood.

“Live events are perishable and because they happen at a set time in our industry, real time is as real as it gets,” explained Gosha.

Providing a real-world example, Gosha described how a music event works behind the scenes when it comes to financial reconciliation of what marketing did to promote ticket sales. Today, things have changed.

Gosha elaborates, “Previously we had to estimate how much money we were spending on behalf of the promoter so they could have these numbers [in hand] to present to the managers. With the Datorama dashboard, we had people literally coming in [to meetings] with iPads pulling up how much spend, and how many impressions, were being delivered and money was being exchanged in the back end.”

Ultimately, the primary goal for modern marketers is to lead their business as an engine of growth. For Ticketmaster the use of Datorama’s Marketing Intelligence Platform helped achieve that goal.

Gosha notes, “Every single marketing channel was reporting exponential growth, and in reality, the box office was seeing a decline.”

His team then stepped in by bringing forward a unified view of what was actually happening. From there, Ticketmaster was better equipped to provide its customer an accurate assessment, which led to budget expansion so that the right marketing levers could be pushed/pulled to deliver results for its client.

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