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2018 Datorama Limitless Awards — And the Winners are…

Simona Kazinets

Held in October, Datorama hosted its second annual customer event, Limitless. To make the 2018 event a little extra special we created an all-new addition.

Designed to specifically highlight achievements within the Datorama community, we introduced the Limitless Awards.

As our community has increased in size, we’ve taken note of an outstanding array of valuable marketing-related knowledge. Rather than let it fall by the wayside, we wanted to bottle it up and share it among our users. That way, this crowdsourcing of marketing know-how could help other community members surmount challenges or aid their endeavors. The purpose of the Limitless Awards is to elevate those within the community and recognize their achievements in the context of marketing. We specifically set out to celebrate and honor the best innovators, marketers and stories.

After reviewing numerous submissions and selecting the eight winners for the 2018 awards, we can say that we had to make some incredibly difficult decisions. The competition was stiff and the Datorama team had to apply much thought and consideration into evaluating the applications.

That said, below are the crème de la crème of the Datorama community. And the winners are…

In the Business Awards category, we had three separate trophies up for grabs.

The Transparency Award recognizes implementations that drove significant impact from a budget savings and/or reallocation perspective thanks to all-new visibility within marketing initiatives. For 2018, the winner is Shiseido Japan’s Yuki Chujo of the Media Buying Group & Strategic Communication Department.

The Speed Award was created to showcase a noteworthy reduction in time-to-value, an increase in efficiencies or vastly accelerated time-to-insight. This year’s winner was GroupM Switzerland’s Managing Director, Ben Kwan.

Our Limitless Growth Award was specifically crafted to acknowledge an individual who had been able to significantly boost a businesses’ revenue, drive a major performance increase across its various channels, or scale a company’s data-driven teams, clients and campaigns. DWA’s VP of Analytics, Mollie Parker, took home the 2018 trophy.

Next up are our Data Awards category, of which we also had three awards ready for the taking.

First up is our Best Visualization Award. One of the most difficult things about data is making it easy to comprehend and quickly act upon. Great visualization enables that. This award recognizes a business that crafted truly jaw-dropping visualizations that took into account user experience (UX), which translates into easy-to-use and engaging viz. The 2018 winner was IPG’s SVP of Cross Media Measurement, Ross Jenkins.

Following that was our Single Source of Truth Award. This recognition was designed to spotlight a company that has proved that it could take their data to new heights by integrating all-new source systems that have been revolutionary for its respective business. The marketing trio at Land O’ Lakes took home this award: Callihan Gibbons, Rusty Elm and Spike Therrien.

Considered our flagship recognition, the Best Innovation Award was crafted to acknowledge a member of our community that showed they have risen above the benchmark to deliver next-generation thinking to their respective marketing org. Leading the way was Mediaocean’s VP of Data Science and Product, Alan Lemery.

Last, but not least, were our two Community Awards, selected exclusively by Datorama.

The Limitless Marketing Champion Award was created to celebrate a member of the community that has shown outstanding support as a Datorama Marketing Champion. Electronic Arts’ Director of Marketing Infrastructure, Glenn White, is that person. Glenn has contributed his invaluable thought leadership and best practices in ways that have significantly impacted the community.

Datorama’s Community Star Award recognizes an individual who has contributed to our online community by helping other members advance their Marketing Intelligence know-how through ideas, recommendations and best practices. We’re proud to acknowledge IPG Senior Analyst, Joshua Macha, who has provided helpful knowledge to countless members within the Datorama Community.

Thank you to all of those who submitted entries for the 2018 Limitless Awards, and congratulations to all of the winners.

Stay tuned for the 2019 Limitless Awards as we’ll be sure to let you know when submissions reopen

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