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Dreamforce 2018: Datorama Reveals How to Maximize Metallica’s Fan Engagement

Julie Norman

During Dreamforce 2018, Salesforce, Datorama, and Metallica teamed for an exciting mashup. Datorama, a Salesforce company and leading cloud-based, AI powered marketing intelligence and analytics platform, collaborated with Metallica to illustrate the impact Datorama can have on enhancing the heavy metal band’s fan engagement and fan experience. Together, Lars Ulrich, drummer and co-founder of Metallica, and Alex Dayon, President and Chief Strategy Officer at Salesforce, stressed the importance of fan engagement and, more specifically, how Datorama’s marketing intelligence can boost Metallica’s marketing efforts by taking their fan experience to the next level.


According to Ulrich, “The music business is in constant transition… You really gotta be on your toes if you want to stay ahead. …Nowadays when you put out records, the release process becomes a creative process in itself.” Datorama’s real-time updates, customizable social media dashboards, and AI work together to help optimize this process. Datorama illustrated how it complements the Salesforce Marketing Family of solutions by providing insight into the band’s messaging, fan affinities, sub-communities, etc – all within one, unified view of cross-channel data, resulting in enhanced engagement and management of their 62MM social media followers.


Click below to listen to Lars Ulrich, drummer and co-founder of Metallica and Alex Dayon, President and Chief Strategy Officer at Salesforce discuss Datorama’s marketing intelligence and how to meaure and increase fan and community engagement.


If you’re looking for a similar marketing solution or want to learn more about Datorama, click here to connect with us. See below for sample marketing, social, and sales dashboards.


Metallica Cross Channel Marketing Dashboard - Datorama - Salesforce

Create a unified view of KPIs across marketing channels, fan listening trends, sales, and fan engagement.


Metallica Blackened Whisky – Ecommerce Marketing Dashboard - Datorama - Salesforce

Optimize reach and engagement across social platforms for the campaign launch of Metallica’s “Blackened” Whisky.


Metallica World Tour – Marketing Sales and Social Dashboard - Datorama - Salesforce

Identify trends and track sales across geographies during Metallica’s #WorldWired World Tour.

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