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Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Enter the 2018 Datorama Limitless Awards

Simona Kazinets

We are thrilled to announce that submissions for Datorama’s inaugural Limitless Awards are open! This is your chance to enter and tell us your story. We want to know what makes you stand out and we want to recognize your achievements.

With up to six different categories you can enter, we’re confident that we’ve created an opportunity for a variety of companies to participate — and win — based on their respective work. These awards were cultivated in order to celebrate the best innovations, marketers and data-related case studies, so, make sure you don’t miss your opportunity to enter as nominations close September 26.

Submit your nominees now for the 2018 Datorama Limitless Awards

Winners will be announced at Limitless, held on October 10 in New York. Interested in attending? Register here.

Still wondering if it’s worth entering? Let us twist your arm, just a little bit. Here’s the top seven reasons why you should consider submitting an entry for the Limitless Awards:

7. It’s easy to enter. We understand that time is finite, so we made sure to make the submission process and instructions as clear and as painless as possible.

6. Distinguished award categories. Our categories are divided into business- and data-focused results. They reflect your success and we want to showcase the stories that deserve attention.. And of course, let’s not forget our community-focused awards, which recognize the outstanding support of Datorama by our inspiring customers.

5. Prominent recognition for your business. Give your company the recognition it deserves. With some of the best and brightest marketing professionals in the world in one location, this as an opportunity to stand out for the excellent work you’ve delivered to help propel your company beyond its limits.

4. Everyone gets a chance. Limitless is all about showing how businesses strive for creativity and innovation within the marketing sphere, no matter the company size, region or industry. If you have something compelling to share, we want to hear from you!

3. Be an industry thought leader. The story you share is more than just an entry. It’s a moment when you can inspire others. Think of it as a data point of success that others can look up to and try to achieve for their respective businesses.

2. Show off your chops! We are looking for the crème de la crème. Use this opportunity to prove to everyone that you are not only leading the pack but that you’re aiming for greater heights in the future.

1. Opportunities for success are Limitless! What’s a better time than right now? Go and click the submit button and tell us your story. We’re waiting to hear about your journey. Be a part of something great! We’re looking forward to celebrating your achievements this October.


Show us how you’re changing the game!


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